Tom Savage signed as backup QB



Good move IMHO, better than wasting a draft pick on a guy that won’t see the field for 2 years. Maybe more.


It’s a contest between Cook and Savage, at this point. My money’s on Cook.


Smoke screen. We get Haskins in the first and trade Stafford to the Giants for 6-17.


And Connor Cook takes us to the Super Bowl!
I love it!


I wonder if they are just gonna have 2 or 3 crappy QBs behind Stafford so they don’t field any questions about whether or not he is their guy.

If Stafford goes down, we are screwed either way.


This has been the status quo the whole time Stafford is here.

Either Stafford has a lame ego or they’ve decided they’re only going to spend so much on the QB position and Stafford already busted that budget.

I’m not a fan of the practice


Angry, Quinn said that they budget so much for each position, so yes, you can forget a big name backup.