Tony Gonzalez with some praise to Hockenson

Even asked Hock to reach out to him so Tony can help make him All-Pro…

I hope Tony is right. I’d expect that a top 10 pick at TE has a future to be all pro. But Tony makes one crucial point here and that is desire is key.

From the article

“He’s going to be a good one no matter what. That’s out of the way. It’s like how great do you want to be? And that starts right here and here (in the head and heart). It has nothing to do with what you’re doing on the football field. All that will come, it’s just you got to get your mind and your heart right.”

Barring injury … TJ has the tools to be an Elite TE That is if he wants to put in the effort to get there.

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Interesting. Makes a lot of sense. You can have loads of talent and end up equal to or less than someone with more passion, desire and heart. Put them all together and the sky is the limit, for not only TJ, but for anyone really. Hopefully the injury shortened season fuels a fire inside TJH.


What was always terrible about drafting a TE at 8 overall is, unless he turns into Tony Gonzalez, it was a squandered value of such a high pick.

You set up a situation where he has to be very elite or it was a blown pick. If he’s just above average, above-average TEs abound in the NFL that weren’t taken anywhere near the top of the draft.

Does everybody get this yet, or no?

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Even if he turns out to be a very good pro than the pick was a bad pick due to the cost your paying him relative to his peers.

I’ve never been fond of drafting TE’s in round one. Let alone top 10.

The worst part for me is that the Lions has good trade offers.

This is true and really the only reason I hated the pick. I don’t hate TJH or his game. We needed a TE or 2. The problem is, he will never justify his draft position.

You don’t need a top TE to win in this league. I mean Jason Witten was arguably the best TE in this league for a while. Played some 15+ years. What does he have, 1 playoff win? Meanwhile, the Pats just came off a superbowl last year getting next to nothing out of their tight end group all season.

I get it, Kelce and Kittle are some of the leagues elite TE’s and they are both in the Superbowl. However, they were drafted in the 3rd round and 5th round respectively. That’s how idiotic Quinn’s draft pick is.


I agree 100%

We keep drafting low impact players too early. In round one you want a player who will take a ton of snaps and have a large impact. TE isn’t one of them.


Has Tony G. ever said anything derogatory about a fellow player?

Love it!

Only thing I was expecting to more in was his blocking…

Old article written after week 8, but nice stats on the TE’s both good and bad.

I think the tight end heavy set helps Stafford with his efficiency and the protection. 19 TDs, 5 Ints, over 100 rating.


So, what am I supposed to do with this?

This is some man cave shit brother!!

Did Tony Gonzalez ever respond?

sorry, but I don’t see TJ playing much this season if he ever does at all, that was one hell of a nasty looking injury, your ankles aren’t supposed to bend like that ! I give it about a 20% chance he plays a down this season.

If Hockenson has a solid 7+ year career with a few PB in there he would be a good pick
Doesn’t have to be elite over many years / HOF career
60%-70% of first round picks have average or worse careers
Let’s be realistic about this rather than making up inflated expectations based on exceptions
There’s always that guy drafted late in the first or in 2nd or 3rd that goes on to be great but, by definition, that is the exception
It makes more sense to judge his value based on his career and not point to exceptions as if they are the rule


I don’t think there is a single tight end that played more than 7 years and only made 2 pro bowls that would go 8th overall the year they were drafted.