Too Soon Draft Talk?


Except we’re not talking best player at every position… Safety is average to below average, same goes for corner, LBer and DE, we don’t have a single player in the top 10 at any position on defense… Probably offense too.


It’s not about having the best players at every position it’s about having enough speed and athleticism to not be sitting ducks against the spread concepts

That’s why I’m a fan of adding White and sliding Davis out to the WILL. Improve speed and range at two positions with one pick.

We’d still need to add some other pieces but White is the most bang for the buck pick in the draft. We’d be fast at LB w/o being small. Great place to start in today’s NFL. Swapping Walker’s range for GQ’s should help as well.


I’d definitely be okay with drafting White if we’re somewhere between 8 and 12… He’s everything you want in a LBer.


I hope the Draft Gods are kind to us and make the BPA available, during each round, a defensive player. Our needs are unfortunately not allocated only to the defensive side of the ball. We need a TE, Guard, RB and WR. On def, I think Patricia’s scheme puts the needs for a cb, safety or lb ahead of dline. Thank goodness we have Harrison and Hand. We really need to tank since our previous positions of strength are now weaknesses due to age and trades such as safety and wr. I’m rooting for one more win against Buffalo while having improved play on the def side of the ball and the offense being really offensive so we can get rid of JBC within an instant after the season ends. P.S. I also hope Stafford looks like the GOAT against Buffalo so we can fleece them in a trade. We need many more high round picks to turn this team around.


I’m confused, you want the offense to be terrible, but have Stafford look elite against Buffalo so we can trade him to them? They just drafted Josh Allen.

Also, if we’re only winning another game this year it’s gonna be Arizona, they’re a hot mess. Buffalo has started to improve as of late and it’s outdoors in December…


Where did I say I want the offense to be terrible against Buffalo? Buffalo counting on a rookie qb with a rating of 65 over trading for an established above avg starter is doable. I’m ready to move on from Stafford. Dallas might be an option if they collapse this season. I fear a win against Arizona but we seem to lose to the teams that we are suppose to beat.


You said it right here…

They’re not getting rid of a rookie quarterback they traded up to get, who’s on the cheap, for an inconsistent, highly priced quarterback… Keep dreaming though


Offensive for the rest of the season except Buffalo. Does that satisfy you? Buffalo hasn’t had a good qb since Kelly, so yes, in getting an established one vs pinning all their hopes on a below avg rookie is doable, no matter the price.


It’s not about satisfying me, it’s about making a post that’s cohesive. We’ll have to agree to disagree about what buffalo is going to do at QB… I think you’re in some alternate reality where teams drop QBs they drafted the year prior @ 7 OA after trading up to get him.


My post wasn’t cohesive but coherent:)


I disagree :blush:


Buffalo is not trading for Stafford. Not happening.


We need to start vetting DE’s, too. Freakin’ Ansah is a waste of resources.