Top 5 transcendent QBs

I know some of you ahem @NewYorkLion ahem dont think Bucky knows anything about QBs so this should really mean nothing.

But he put Staff on the list!

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I think this was already posted a few days ago. That article was pretty weak. Saying Stafford is a transcendent QB because he has a big arm is like saying Winston is transcendent because he tries to steal crab legs really well.

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Seeing it now at the NFL level is easy …Bucky is spot on , most are. Projecting it to the next level are two totally different things …

Notice how Bucky does not have his top rated guys from his past projections for the draft at QB anywhere on that list of his top transcendent QB’s :wink: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

That was top 5 gunslingers. Hes making a lot of lists this offseason

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Man you could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman wearing white gloves.

Love it.


Oh, my bad. I stand corrected. Man, you would think if you were one of the top 5 gunslingers and transcendent QBs in the NFL, you would actually be better than like the 12th best QB in the NFL.

Is Bucky really Kelly S? :thinking:

No shit though … Bucky is horrible at draft rating QB’s …

Then he makes NFL lists of the top guys in the NFL and none of his top projecting College QB’s make the lists at the NFL level years later …
I wish to Christ those NFL shows and printed stories allowed for what we do here …I don’t think half of the people on TV could defend the stance they put out if questioned …More talent here on these boards then on TV in evaluations .

“The transcendent quarterbacks in the league don’t require much to succeed and their performances stand out in every situation.”

I like Stafford but what has he transcended?
A big arm doesn’t make a guy a good QB…Cutler, George, Boller, etc.
I am not ripping on Stafford, but Mahomes, Rodgers, and Wilson have all won SBs. They carried their teams to the championship. Watson has definitely carried his team to division titles in his short career.

You can get a good look at a T bone by sticking your head up a bulls ass, but wouldn’t you rather take the butchers word for it?

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Nah your just having a hard time being wrong

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There is that. But, I assure you if I had my dog draft the last 4 years, the Lions roster would look better than it does now, and if I moved on from Stafford instead of extending him a few years ago, we would have at least as many meaningful wins as we do now.

You know I actually believe he would be top 5 if they let him run the hurry up more often.

All jokes aside, you could be right. Just don’t let him think and let him play. He might have a great feel for the game, but when it comes to pre snap evaluation and reading a defense, he is below average. We all know he has done some great things in the 2 minute drill. For some reason, the staff always has him sitting under center until the play clock is at 1 second. On the other hand, he doesn’t complain and seems to be ok with it.

It happens more than people remember. Ty Cobb never won a championship either. But still one of the greatest BB players of all time.

It’s just one persons opinion, and not all will agree with Brooks.

Russell Wilson has never carried the Seahawks to a SuperBowl.

He was a game manager at best when the Seahawks made the SuperBowl and dude went to the 2nd SuperBowl after he threw 4 picks in the NFC title game.

He probably better than Stafford now but he wasn’t when they won

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Did they carry their teams? Or were their teams really really good?
That’s the whole debate between proStaffies and anitStaffies.

No, you are right. Sneaker started this thread 6 days ago.

Top 5 transcendent QBs

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Like your point a lot. You can’t argue with his team success and his ability to carry a squad…

Let’s just say this about Mahomes. The only other male athlete this dominant in the last 30 years is Tiger Woods. Mahomes is the combination of physical and mental talent… paired with an offensive genius and a team loaded with weapons.

Mahomes has basically been training to be a pro athlete his whole life. He was always around pro baseball players hanging out in the clubhouse with his father. His physical talent is off the charts. Can make any throw. Is making no look passes and really has great athleticism. Very little doubt in my mind he ends up as the GOAT and the Chiefs contend for another several years. Mahomes is that much better than everyone else in the league IMO.

If Stafford continues to play at the level he did last year he will continue to get national recognition
It’s good, a nice change