Top five players I want in this draft

I don’t want to argue. I am just going to post them and my reasons why.
Chase Young - premium player, premium position. Stated goals were to have more sacks than the record from Bosa at OSU theh, he did everything he could to achieve it.

Jeffrey Okudah - I read his letter to his mother. Need no other reason. But his body of work was stellar.

Jerry Jeudy - I really like him.

Henry Ruggs - speed kills

Klaivion Chaison - just like his drive.

Kenneth Murray - Chase Young and this guy, I’m done.


1.Tristan Wirfs…OL…Maybe the most athletic OL I have ever seen has All Pro potential at G or T.

2.Ceede Lamb…WR…He just has that hit factor reminds me alot of Hopkins plays tougher than his size.Cant deny WR is a huge need for the Lions after this year.

3.Grant Delpit…S…I know he had a rough year but the kid has all the talent in the world his tape from '18 is some of the best you will ever see from a safety.

4.Kenny Willikes …DE. This is a tough one as I’m a die hard U of M fan but how can you not like this kid and the Lions need guys who will buy in and work hard everyday.

5.Jalen Hurts…QB… I think the OC wants a mobile QB and Hurts could sit this year and maybe next under Stafford.He has played in big time programs and has alot if experience plus he is tough as nails and a great teammate from all accounts.

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My list could have been a lot longer and it would have included Uche, Delpit and Hurts. Good post.

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I worry Murray is just Jarrad Davis 2.0. Very similar prospects.

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  1. I want Okudah for all the reasons Yooper lists.

  2. I love me some Curtis Weaver. 6’2", 265 pounds with a 7.00 3 cone. Productive with 34 sacks in three seasons. Explosive.

  3. I love DT Leki Foto’s game. 6’5" and 330 pounds and productive:

  4. I really like RB D’Andre Swift’s game. Seems like he has a great feel.

  5. I join others with Kenny Willekes. I love his attitude. Walk on to one of the best players on his team. I think I might see a little Ryan Kerrigan in his game…a guy I pimped for back in 2011.

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Dobbins, Delpit, Okudah, Young, Lamb

Young , Dobbins/Taylor @ RB (counts as 1 , Jeudy , Higgins , Kinlaw DT, Murray or Queen ILB , Uche or Simmons OLB , Robertson CB.

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Simmons, Taylor, Delpit, KJ Hill, Hurts.

J Okaduh, AJ Espensa, J Taylor, KJ Hamler, I Wilson.

Good idea.
Yupong, Lamb, Simmons, Burrow,Jon Taylor

5 guys I want nothing of:
Tua, Hurts, D Brown, Austin Jackson, … guess I only have 4.

Jeffrey Okudah

Jonathan Taylor

Marlon Davidson

Robert Hunt

Lucas Niang

If we only drafted 5 that would be a great draft

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Thought it would be a good idea to promote your picks and let everyone know why. Not drag down each other’s choices.

But I don’t agree with your choices! :smiling_imp:

The good thing is I am only telling you who I like, I am not extolling their virtues, just telling you I liked them.

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Simmons would be on it, too.

Chase Young, Jeffrey Okudah, Javon Kinlaw, Darrell Taylor, AJ Dillon

And Jalen Reagor
And Grant Delpit
And Justin Jefferson

Chase Young
Tristen Wirfs as an OG
Jedrick Wills
Derrick Brown
Jeff Okudah

My list is going to be a bit funky to most.
Anthony Gordon
Okudah because I think he’s that good. Anae because he has value and is a Lions fan (probably of Tavai). Gordon or Hurts because I’d like to see what Bevell can do with them.

Logan Wilson
Jalen Reagor
Ashtyn Davis
Ben Bartch
Bravvion Roy