Top of the 2nd rd options

This is going to be a huge spot and once again a pick that gets traded quite a bit as teams see who fell.out the 1st and create good value.Chances are we get calls for this pick but I think they stay put as there will be 1st rd talent sitting there when they pick.Here are a few guys I could see being there.To early for me to pick a RB so none listed.

K’laven Chassion DE LSU Kind of pass rusher this team needs hes fast has good instincts and is a team leader.
Patrick Queen LB LSU Great in space played big in big games should test very well.
Jalen Regor WR TCU Blazing fast kid can take it the distance in a blink of a eye.
Cameron Dantzler CB Miss St. 6-2 195 Big kid and plays fast he will definitely be on ther radar.
KJ Hamler WR PSU Electic with the ball in his hands reminds me of Tyrek Hill without the drama.
Khalid Kareem DE ND Good size with long arms that can get to the QB has a good motor.

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I think we’ll also see an OT fall to the top of the 2nd, maybe Becton, Wirfs, Willis.

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Did you see that Jeremiah mocked Becton to the Giants at #4 overall?
Maybe Wirfs or someone else that is viewed as a RT only or even as a Guard, but not the big dudes like Becton.

I think we’re going to have two picks at the top of the second round. That will help.

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Tackles rarely fall without health issues (a la Taylor last year). In fact normally they go much higher than we think they will, like Kolton Miller, Tytus Howard, Kaleb McGary, McGlinchey, Cam Robinson, etc… Teams are willing to reach on OT because like QB, it’s so important, and if you nail it you’re set for a decade.

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Agreed and my picks are:

X. McKinney S Alabama
D. Swift RB Georgia

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Trying to find as little value as possible. Nice. Very realistic as this is something the Lions would likely do.

LOL. Probably the best SS in the draft and debatably the best RB in the draft. Last I checked both our pass defense and running game when KeJo went down sucked money balls and we still have our top 5 pick and all of FA to fix other spots. Our defensive scheme puts more pressure on the secondary having to play man to man all game, and we want a dominant running game, so like so stupid to address those areas with emphasis. I guess when both of those guys go in that area or before, you can tell those GM’s the same tale you just told me. Crow bet??

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Right now I like WRs K.J. Hamler/Brandon Aiyuk and OT/OG Lucas Niang, but that will change a million times before April lol.

I’m also very intrigued by this Kyle Dugger guy dominating the Senior Bowl, a freak athlete at safety at 6’ 220 who will probably wind up going around here once the draft comes. Everyone says he’ll test off the charts and it’s certainly showing in Mobile. Derwin James-esque.

Wait till Chucky or Mayock take one of these players and then it will be a brilliant move…since as Iggy has previously said, they will be “clowning the league”!

So, you know Quinn won’t go RB early in the second, because you wouldn’t.

RB JK Dobbins who I think will be gone, if available would be a steal at #35 and would not hesitate .

If we end up with Okudah in the the first (Love Him) then I’m hoping the DE from Penn State Yetur Gross-Matos is the pick at #35 …Raw but a complete DE prospect with real size and max effort , high floor year one with a ceiling that is as good as any DE prospect in this draft in years 2 ,3 & 4

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When I do my simulated mocks, I keep mocking edge rushers in that 2nd round slot unless Young falls. When that doesn’t happen, I look for a starter at FS or OG. Or CB if my first choice isn’t Okudah. WR is also a possibility.

Who is available at #35 on the edge when Young is taken #2 in the mocks?

This year’s class of edge rushers seems weak, especially compared to last year. I usually mock Uche to Lions in the 4th as a Kennard type role. Other than that, I don’t think value will be there in the 2nd.

The Lions have spent day 2 picks on safeties the last 2 years. What is the point of drafting another one? Just re sign Wilson he will be better than a draft pick and cheap. Safety is not a premium position, same with RB. You would lose your mind if the Lions took a QB that high; but you want to draft a day 2 safety for the 3rd straight year and another round 2 RB. It’s like you purposely go out of your way to avoid finding value.

Curious, do you move Walker to SS then or making him a backup? I’m looking at SS’s because Walker is fine as a starting FS IMHO but SS could use the upgrade over Harris. I think we should resign Wilson as a backup regardless.

Because we have a franchise QB. A drafted QB does zero on the field in 2020 so your right, a 2nd round clip holder, I would lose my mind over. A better SS than Harris or Wilson starts (I believe McKinney is that). I agree, Wilson wasn’t bad, but this defense puts a high premium on the secondary, so getting great in the secondary seems smart to me. Safety is very weak in FA, and fairly weak in the draft as well. McKinney if he falls that far is a smart pick. A team that is all Air Raid is going to think a 2nd round RB is a luxury pick. But that is NOT us. We have to fill OUR holes, with the players who will most impact OUR team as schemes dictate. We need a GREAT not good secondary with this system. We need a GREAT not good stable of backs to be able to build a dominant running game that can still be great when, not if KeJo goes down and maybe even his backup. You know, like exactly what happend this year…

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I usually find Julian Okwara available at that slot. For a while the guy from Penn St was always there, but he’s moved up the board. Terrell Lewis and Curtis Weaver also there a lot. I’m not sure on Weaver’s fit just yet though.

You know who I think might work well for the Lions is Delpit. Not at 3, and he won’t be there in the 2nd probably, but if we pick up some picks maybe. I really want a rangy safety. Mckinney could be a good safety too. There doesn’t seem to be an excellent FS this year.

I think Walker can play some FS, but he might be best as our jack of all trades safety that we can move around i.e. sneak up and blitz or pick up a slot guy or a TE. Then let Harris be the SS.