Top ten prospects

Post your top 10 prospects. Doesn’t have to be Lions specific. Just your top 10 prospects in this draft:

  1. Joe Burrow
  2. Tua
  3. Chase Young
  4. Isiah Simmons
  5. Mekhi Becton
  6. Justin Hebert
  7. Andrew Thomas
  8. Henry Ruggs
  9. Jerry Jeudy
  10. Javon Kinlaw

One of the QBs will probably bust. But this is these are your top 10 players in this draft. Herbert could’ve been a top 3 pick last year. Ruggs provides an element that basically only Tyreek Hill provides. Jeudy is going to be a prototypical #1. Becton is a freak at LT. Huge ceiling. Andrew Thomas is a very well rounded prospect and is being undervalued. I see a pro ready NFL tackle. Kinlaw is a very hungry player. He is very athletic and is going to be a good interior pass rushing force. He is also a great story being homeless and having a tough upbringing.

Okudah not being in the top ten is quite absurd. One of the better CB prospects of the last decade,

Are we talking value or simply the best prospect? Are you factoring in injuries? If we’re not factoring in injuries and it’s simply best player regardless of position I’d go:

1;) Young
2:) Burrow
3:) Tua
4:) Okudah
5:) Simmons
6:) Jeudy
7:) Wills
8:) Lamb
9:) Thomas
10:) Brown

I think all four of the tackles are pretty close.

  1. Young
  2. Burrow
  3. Simmons
  4. Jeudy
  5. Lamb
  6. Okudah
  7. Becton
  8. Kinlaw
  9. Wrifs
  10. Tua

Just my own personal top 10, not reflective of how I think draft will go:

  1. Chase Young
  2. Joe Burrow
  3. Isaiah Simmons
  4. Tristan Wirfs
  5. CeeDee Lamb
  6. Jeff Okudah
  7. Justin Herbert
  8. Jerry Juedy
  9. Javon Kinlaw
  10. Andrew Thomas

Come on Iggy,

Where is Okudah in your top 10 list?

-He was top 10 High school prospect
-Played as a freshman at Ohio St. (with a ton of talent ahead of him)
-Consensus All-American
-On every top 10 ranking board from every single NFL talent scout

I get it you don’t want the Lions to draft him…but at this point I’m starting to think you may believe the Earth is flat also.


Top Ten for me

  1. Chase Young
  2. Jeffrey Okudah
  3. Justin Herbert
  4. CeeDee Lamb
  5. Derrick Brown
  6. Isaiah Simmons
  7. Jedrick Wills
  8. J.K Dobbins
  9. Javon Kinlaw
  10. Grant Delpit
  1. Young is the No brainer.
  2. Tua - Talent wise this is where he belongs. Injury wise he probably belongs out of the top 10.
  3. Burrows - He should be the number 1 pick.
  4. Willis - I love Becton. I was the first person to bring him up on this board. Becton is the most physically gifted LT in this draft but Wills is far more NFL ready. I actually think Becton will be the 3rd OT drafted.
  5. Okudah - This is the guy I think the Lions draft 3OA.
  6. CeeDee Lamb - I think he’s the best WR in the draft.
  7. Jerry Jeudy - Deadly player in space. I really like this kid.
  8. Andrew Thomas - Not the most gifted but the most fundamentally polished LT in the draft.
  9. Derrick Brown - Lack of athleticism has cost him stock but he’s too good of a run stuffer not to go top ten.
  10. Isaiah Simmons - He’s a bit raw and listed here mainly off of his athleticism and potential.
  11. Javon Kinlaw - He may turn out to be the best DT in this draft.

I think Becton, Wirfs, Jefferson, Ruggs and Chaisson aren’t far behind.

Chase Young-Best player in the draft has got to be #001
Isaiah Simmons-uber talent
Jeff Okudah-best cover corner in the draft and not even close
Joe Burrows- best QB without medical problems
Jerry Jeudy- best route runner in the draft
Cee Dee Lamb- does everything well, complete WR
Tristan Wirfs
Mekti Becton these three tackles are just very good linemen
Andrew Thomas
Derrick Brown - disruptive force bad combine who cares

Tua is unranked(medical).Ruggs, Kinlaw, Murray, Wills all contend for me. Sleeper Patrick Queen…

Chase Young
Joe Burrows
Isiah Simmons
Tristan Wirfs
Javon Kinlaw
Jefferey Okudah
Justin Herbert
Henry Ruggs
Mekti Becton
CeeDee Lamb

Chase Young
Joe Burrow
Isaiah Simmons
Tristan Wirfs
Jeff Okudah
Mekhi Becton
Jerry Jeudy
Derrick Brown
Henry Ruggs III

  1. Young
  2. Burrow
  3. Tua
  4. Isiah Simmons
  5. Jeudy
  6. Kinlaw
  7. Hebert
  8. Wirfs
  9. Becton
  10. Okudah

1 Chase Young
2 Joe Burrow
3 Isaiah Simmins
4 CeeDee Lamb
5 Andrew Thomas
6 Justin Herbert
7 Jeff Okudah
8 Jerry Jeudy
9 Javon Kinlaw
10 Derrick Brown

1 Chase Young
2 Joe Burrow
3 Jeff Okudah
4 Derrick Brown
5 Isaiah Simmons
6 Tua Tagovailoa
7 Mekhi Becton
8 Javon Kinlaw
9 Jedrick Wills
10 CeeDee Lamb

Well if everyone else is doing it…

  1. Chase Young
  2. Joe Burrow
  3. Jeff Okudah
  4. Jerry Jeudy
  5. Tua Tagovailoa
  6. Andrew Thomas
  7. Jedrick Wills
  8. CeeDee Lamb
  9. Derrick Brown
  10. C.J. Henderson
  1. Young
  2. Burrow
  3. Simmons
  4. Tua
  5. Herbert
  6. Lamb
  7. Becton
  8. Okudah
  9. Brown
  10. Kinlaw

I just don’t get all that excited over Corners that aren’t ball hawks, and lack elite speed. Okudah is a good prospect. He has great length, and is smart and competitive. That doesn’t make him a top 10 prospect.

I like high ceiling players like Simmons, Becton and Ruggs. Guys that are rare in the NFL. There are several Jeff Okudahs in the NFL. There aren’t many guys who can do what Simmons, Becton and Ruggs bring to the table. I will take the freak talents over “solid” players like Okudah all day every day.