Top Value QBs

NFL.coms take. I think Staff is just about right. Not elite…but definitely above average.

If you look at the top of this list you will see that the league is valuing more mobile QBs.

All the more reason to think Tua is going top 3…and why I think a team is going to move up to 2 and take him…leaving us to draft Chase Young.


I hope so. Young is by far the best can’t miss guy in the draft.

I will disagree with putting Mayfield at the same level as Stafford. Mayfield has looked more like Johnny Manziel than anything. I am curious though if BM does turn the corner and have a breakout year in 2020. He definitely has the skill set, but man was he terrible last year.

Yes, mobile QBs are the flavor of the week. Perhaps the way the QB position remains for quite some time.

If fact, we even saw a bit of what it would look like when Driskel stepped in last year. Dude had some wiggle and got things done with his legs when the play broke down. Now imagine if we had someone that wasn’t borderline XFL back up material. Like a real talent with a legit skill set. If anything Driskell proved that you can move the ball without being a statue with a cannon. He just happened to be barely a practice squad level QB.