Tracy Walker injured by friendly fire

It could leave us in a QUANDARY. I’m guessing that word usage wasn’t by mistake?



Someone explain to me once more why we traded Diggs??? Asking for a friend…

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I bet if we had Diggs, we would have beaten the Giants by 20 points.

Brew was hurt Sunday too

There may not be a way to Diggs our way out of this mess.


No worries. Where there’s a WILL there’s a way.


Not taking an advocate position on this, but his play in 2019 dropped off considerably from last year. At the time we had a healthy Walker, Harris (a 3rd round pick), Wilson and CJ Moore. If you recall last year, we phased out Quin with Walker (a 3rd round pick) and he is now our best Safety. Harris, just like Walker a year ago, was starting to get more and more time. I don’t mind having an embarrassment of riches, especially at DB and especially with a guy in Diggs that can also man slot corner. But it’s easy when you have a rash of injuries at the position to question why you hurt your great depth at the position, but it’s hard to make decisions that way.

Personally, I think they could have gotten more for a guy who was a PB alternate just last season, but it’s not like I see zero reasons why it was done. We’ll see. I think if Harris ends up working out like Walker has, we won’t be whining too much about this move and I doubt Diggs ends up in the PB this year the way he was playing here as of late.


Lol, who ever wrote it must have a bleeding anus from the trade still!

Seems like we ran into a similar situation last year at this time.

He was out there for the onside kick.

Patricia is saying Walker is day-to-day, pending how he looks tomorrow. So, I am hopeful that he only misses one or two games. Wonder when they’ll get Bryant back.

I can Digg it!

Because we got a low 5th round pick/useless pick and saved tens of dollars, when we already have 20 million of unspent monies. AKA Ford/Quinn being cheap AF.

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