Tracy Walker's Cousin Shot

That’s crazy they killed my cousin in cold blood like this

— Tracy Walker #21 (@TracyWalkerIII) May 5, 2020

Tracy Walker’s cousin is Ahmaud Arbery

Both from Brunswick Georgia. Not sure if its Slay’s cousin (as they are cousins) too, but he is also from Brunswick.

There is also a video of the whole incident, I’m not going to post it, but watch it at your own caution because its graphic and disturbing. Also, this whole thread may be…OTT material…so I’ll let the mods figure it out. Just wanted to point out it was Walker’s cousin. Crazy world we live in.

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shitty, man. Sending love to the Walkers.

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Gun violence sucks. We’ve got to tackle that once this bullish!t pandemic is behind us

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It’s been 2 1/2 months, it boggles my mind that those guys aren’t at least charged.


It’s not gun violence it’s people. The biggest thing we can do is enforce existing law. Which for those who follow this stuff find disgusting. You listen to politicians use it for political points, yet those gun control advocates are the same ones who won’t prosecute them, plea them down as far as possible. Fool people into giving up their rights for the common good.

Contrary to popular opinions gun violence has steadily dropped by a lot since the 80s . You’d never know it from the media. Just like you wouldn’t know guns are used by a huge margin to save lives vs to take lives. The stats from the CDC to FBI to DOJ prove this. The media coverage the gun grabbers bought and paid for in large part by Bloomberg who outspends the NRA by hundreds of millions, however have a different agenda.


Well, it’s both. I’m a realist. If we just want to start with AR-15s and the like, fine. But there is absolutely no reason that my son should be less safe at school then his fellow students in Helsinki or Lyon or Manchester or wherever.

We’re still 9x the rate of Canada in terms of gun related homicides. So you’re argument is that we’re just 9x times worse and more violent people? Really? That’s your argument?

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Sorry I don’t follow you. Start with AR15s? I don’t know what you mean by that.

As to both, no it is people period. It’s not a cars fault you speed, it’s not a beers fault you get drunk, or not a knifes fault if you stab someone.


Wrong, try it by capita rather than population. We have way more people. By capital the US is safer than Norway in school shootings.

The what do you mean by gun homicide? If you include suicide our avg is about 32,000 a yr. Take it out we’re down to about 14,000. You want to get real knock out hang related and your left with pretty low number especially considering we have near 400 million guns

I mean that if we need to work backwards starting with legislation targeting “weapons of war” I’m fine with legislators targeting low hanging fruit. There should never be another Adam Lanza and yet the floodgates are still open to that kind of crazy.

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It’s not wrong

Man where do you get your information?


Pony up, those mean nothing w/o actual data.

So is Canada counting suicide as gun violent? The US does and not all do.

Two racists chase down, attack and kill a man jogging, and y’all wanna talk about gun laws? Cognizant dissonance at its finest!


YOU said the US was safer than Norway with re to school shootings. Pony up.

Nope,ban AR15 is not, never had been and never will be a weapon of war. It is quite simply a semi auto rifle. Just like a 10/22 Ruger, and FAR less powerful than a typical deer rifle

There were more killed at VA Tech with a Glock G19 9 mm handgun and a Walther .22 hand gun than Sandy Hook or Parkland

Yep per capita

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