Trade before the draft?

How upset would you be if BQ made the tradedown before the draft, then draft day comes, and the Redskins take Tua, which leaves Chase Young available at 3?

What did we get in the trade down?

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Name two players in the draft that you would rather have than CY.

I’d rather have Jeffrey Okudah and Simmons/Jeudy/Lamb/Thomas/Wills/Wirfs/Brown than just Young

Not going to happen. Nobody is trading up if they don’t know their target is there.

Okudah & Dobbins, Lamb, Ruggs , Chassion, Matos

all over… Chase Young alone

In any combination? I’d rather have Young than both Gross-Matos and Chaisson. Why take two good edge defenders over one truly great one?

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Do you thnk that Okuda and one of the othe guys would both be available? Obviously trading with the Dolphins would be the only way possible. But I dont see BQ being able to get that. Now that its public that he wants to trade, he looks desperate. So other teams are gonna try and undervalue the pick. Plus , teams watched BQ get absolutely nothing for Slay.

You’d have to move back up I’d think. It just depends on what we get back.

Agreed …Okudah + …Okudah needs to be in the mix or Brown and those players

The only thing desperate around here is you being desperate to discredit Quinn. It would be irresponsible to not seek out trade options. Sure everybody knows we have multiple holes, newsflash, even the best teams do. Quinn is not desperate, only trying for the best outcome as he sees it. I can show you maybe 10 million fans just on this board that think we should magically be able to force Miami to trade with us so we get all three of their firsts and next years first so we can trade down, still get Chase Young at 5 and parlay 18-26 into whatever player they want all so they can say that Quinn is desperate look what I pulled off in my mother’s basement.

I’d be equally as happy with kinlaw/simmons and Henderson/psu de/LSU de as I would be with just young

BQs record here in Detroit discredits him.

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Because the fans would over-react if he did or he did not… that is desperate.

Because the fans are tired of watching a losing team year after year. I love my lions. I just get so frustrated when i see other botttomfeeder teams do better. I have flashbacks of Matt Millen

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I think you should limit your criticisms of Quinn to what he’s actually done in the past vs something he hasn’t done yet in the future.

Would be better if CY had a bull rush. But his skills relies on speed alone.

I was

This is just an ignorant statement, he’s doesn’t “rely on speed alone”

No you weren’t. You made up a scenario in your OP where BQ does a TD before the draft and then misses out on CY, implying he made a foolish move.

Look, the guy has made mistakes, just like every other GM in the business. There’s plenty to bitch about without creating future scenarios where he messes up again.