Trade deadline deals happening today

According to Adam schefter on Twitter the Rams are trading Aqib Talib and a fifth-round pick to Miami for a future pick as yet not determined.

This just may be the man that helps them turn the corner.


Looks like a salary dump for the Rams.

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Looks like Dallas is going after Jamal Adams

Why are the Dolphins acquiring players?

Thanks for the update, Iggy. I change the subject line to give everyone the opportunity to have a single place to lists rumors or deals that take place in the next couple hours


This is basically the Dolphins buying a extra draft pick. They pay the rest of his prorated salary and he can be cut next year was no cap ramifications apparently with no cap or cash ramifications per Jason LaConfora.

I just hope the Lions don’t stand pat. Then again, no need to look at crazy trade scenarios.

Adam’s would be a nice get for the girls, good player huge need

Since Dalton is benched, does he become a player today? Maybe to replace the Biscuit in the Windy City.

hope a good pass rusher becomes availiable…

Regardless of this piece of news, I expected and still expect zero activity on the Lions front today.
Maybe they can prove me wrong… just my gut feeling I guess.

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I’m pretty sure nothing is happening today. Usually how this works is that I don’t pay attention to the trade deadline and something big goes down. I’m paying attention now, so don’t expect much.

Lions are reported to be asking for a 1st plus something else for Slay, another pick or player. Pretty much what we have speculated.

Brad Galli :heavy_check_mark: @BradGalli

Darius Slay chatter: the Lions are asking for a first round pick and something else, not necessarily two first round picks in potential trade, @mortreport said on ESPN.


Perhaps Ryan Kerrigan?

One hour left.

Figure with Hand, Daniels and Bryant coming on board soon, this is a low priority. Need a running back!

Kerrigan is having down year but had very good ones in 2017 and 2018 and is on a reasonable contract. Could be a difference maker here.

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Adams to Dallas close

Of course. I was hoping for a big move. But thumbs must be in the butts today.