Trade down return include next year 1st?

I really don’t believe that Miami or the Chargers or Carolina will be much better next year regardless of their draft, so should we be looking at getting their 2021 first round pick instead of a 2020 second?

If they get a key injury, they could be drafting again down in the top five which would give us another shot at a franchise quarterback or a rush end.

It’s a gamble…but go big or go home…

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Yes. Will BQ and MP go for that given their job security? Probably not


I think from the Chargers we’d be asking for their pick at 6 overall, their 2nd-rounder AND their 2021 1st-rounder. It’s a lot, yeah, but bidding war baby, and the Chargers desperately need to make a splash in LA as they move into that new stadium.

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Get that bidding going, yeah!

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This will depend 100% on how bad teams want a certain QB. I say this, instead of Tua, because if you watched the process unfold last year, nobody predicted at first Daniel Jones was a top 10 pick. Drew Lock and Haskins were ranked all over the place.

We already know this, but worth repeating: what we need is a team to fall in love with a QB. Tua will come down to health. But I wouldn’t rule out some of these other guys. Herbert has been highly touted for a long time too.

I think we could get an amazing haul, but I’ve also tinkered on draft simulators with trades that has us swapping our pick to Indy at 13 and getting their 2 second rounders (34 and 44).

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Jets traded up from 6 to 3, gave up 2 second rounders (#34 & #49) and a second round pick the next year. I would use that trade as a base line.

Its a great baseline if somebody falls in love with one of these QBs the way the Jets fell in love with Darnold.

We’ll have to hope that’s the case.

There is also another example where the Bears traded up to 2, from 3, for Trubisky in 2017, and gave up 3, 67 and 111 picks, as well as a 2018 third-round pick. Not such a great haul, but they only traded back one. We’d get a little more, if they loved somebody as much as Trubisky, but not much more. So that might be disappointing.

Knowing our luck no one wants to trade up. Dolphins want Tua and chargers want Hurbert. Panthers still believe in Newton. Lions draft a bust, because we fall short on Young.