Trade Down Scenarios Article

I would definitely consider that deal…I would prefer a second 2020 first rounder though. Not a 2021.

Rooting hard for Tua to get back again.

The other thing that got me pondering…what if Quinn attempts a slow slide down the board. Lets say he wants Simmons and he thinks he can get him somewhere between 9-15. Or another player doesn’t matter.

Lets say he trades Miami the 3OA for the 5OA and the 2021 pick, plus the extra high second and third in 2020. Gettleman stays true to form at 4, and now we have ANOTHER pick where its very likely that the next pick, Carolina, wants a QB, and so does a team like the Colts.

Now he can trade down again…if it was Carolina, then hell we are still sitting at the same place we were at 3. Plus we bagged quite a haul.

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I wish for the same …
I just can not grasp how he gets this magic green light, or the nonsense statement of “he is 100% recovered…”
He wont be doing anything football related prior to the draft , this injury has so many long term variables for you & I as non athletes in regards to future issues, never mind an NFL QB …

The issues are AVN, which could rear it’s head for up to a year or later after the injury ,the stability of the socket going forward and and early arthritis in the hip kicking in .
He will never be as fast as he was , lateral movement restricted … etc .

No one will ever tell any team this kid will be the same as pre- injury…They can’t because they do not know.

I don’t want Houston’s 2021 first rounder. It will likely be in the same range as this year, making it a year delayed AND deep in the round? Nope. I want Miami’s 2021 1st in that scenario.

Now, I’d rather see Houston’s 2020 first and Miami’s third, which is about a 10 spot improvement over their 2020 2nd .

I am still holding out for 5 and 18 though, as the baseline. SD or Carolina can offer 6 or 7 plus a low 2nd, plus plus, so I tell Miami they can dither about if their back end of their package is exceeded by the two other bidders, or they can nuke their competition w 5 and 18 and be done with it.


Yep and do it now Miami…Or the price goes up Draft day .


It’s really not that surprising C.J. Mosley suffered a similar injury and made a full recovery. However this is the injury that ended Bo Jackson’s career. The difference is the care given following each injury. Jackson’s injury wasn’t handled properly while Mosley and Tua’s was. Doctors have repeatedly stated that Tua prognosis is excellent and that he’s expecting to make a complete and full recovery. That recovery time is estimated to be 4-6 months. We’re already two months into his recovery process and he’s getting around on crutches. It’s feasible that he could be fully recovered before the draft. I doubt he participates in any drills at the combine but I wouldn’t be shocked if he had a scripted pro day.

4 time Pro Bowl LBer CJ didn’t lose speed or lateral movement. He was drafted 17th overall. His draft stock didn’t seem to drop much either.

  • BROAD JUMP: 118.0 INCH
  • 3 CONE DRILL: 7.30 SEC
  • 20 YARD SHUTTLE: 4.40 SEC
  • 40 YARD DASH 4.6 SEC

Time will tell if Tua’s injury takes the Bo Jackson or the CJ Mosley route but so far the prognosis is leaning heavily towards the CJ Mosley route.


Yeah, these are good points. I definitely want to maximize the return.

But honestly, its all gravy if we trade down and draft the same guy we would have drafted at 3. To me, that is the beauty of it all. We get a boatload of high picks for drafting the same guy we were going to draft anyway. Lets say Okudah is the target. We trade down, collect a first (this year or next), a second, third this year. And then we still draft Okudah. Freakin sweet if it goes down like that. Who says tanking doesn’t pay??

The Red Wings?

Tua isnt as much of a investment now due to the rookie salary structure compared to before then teams can be more hesitant to draft someone like that due to how crazy of a contract top picks were getting back then

Air the CJ Mosley hip dislocation and what TUA suffered and is dealing with are two worlds apart . Not remotely similar .

CJ Mosley’s femur dislocated inside the hip socket and popped back in all in one motion , no reducing , no surgery needed , no real damage done , extremely painful , but the best case scenario and a 6-8 week rehab .

Tua on the other hand had a worst case scenario similar to a bad car wreck . A posterior dislocation, like what Tagovailoa suffered, occurs when the femoral is driven behind the acetabulum and toward your ass. Tua unfortunately suffered a full hip dislocation , and a fracture of the acetabulum . He had to have his Femur and femoral head reduced as it was popped back in place at school, and they have to do it again during surgery in order to surgically repair the acetabulum with a plate and screws and in his case the posterior wall acetabular as well , we only know this because ESPN reported it & TUA confirmed as much and said his inward rotation has been compromised by the metal that has been implanted in hip. That is what they do for a posterior dislocation, the femoral head breaks off a large piece of the acetabulum, leading to a posterior wall fracture.

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Pfffttt…the Grand Rapids Griffiths won the AHL like threee years ago I don’t know why you are complaining.

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I think the draft media and some on here are underestimating the chance that The Redskins move out of the number 2 if deals with multiple first round picks start getting thrown around.

Rivera (and whoever the GM is going to be) are in year 1 and they need A LOT.

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I am counting on Washington moving down, it’s just a matter of who’s moving up and for what. You have to assume it’s for a QB, which hurts our chances of trading down. I don’t remember a draft where QB went 1-3, we’d have to hope someone wants CY badly enough to move up.

Don’t want them to do it now, other teams just negotiate with Washington

And Washington doesn’t have a second round pick. Plus Sweat had 5.5 sacks in the second half of the year and even if they cut Kerrigan, drafting Young will move one really good pro to the bench (Payne, Ioniddis, Allen)

I think playing Allen at base end dropping down to five and grabbing Okudah, one of the Offensive Tackles or Jeudy and adding a couple top fifty picks would make a ton of sense for Washington.

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Possibility of trading down twice if 3 quarterbacks taken in the top 5. If you’d be happy with Okudah, Brown, Young or Simmons and Carolina comes calling for Herbert because they know the Chargers are gonna grab him, would you trade back to 7 for their third rd. pick this year? Would you consider a trade back with the Raiders for 12 and 19? While amassing picks is not a guarantee for success, picks 12, 19, 35, 39, 56 and 67 would go a long way in filling some holes on the roster. Epenesa, Delpit, Dantzler/Diggs/Fulton, Adams, Dobbins, Peoples-Jones with FA signings at OG and LB and Harrison coming back in football shape.

Sure. In that scenario I’d move back up from either 12, 19 or perhaps back into the first from the second. MP and BQ need impact rookies

Do like the scenario to trade down to #5 and get two 2nds. Having three 2nd rd picks is a great option, if a player your targeting falls. Can Quinn manipulate sound thoughts through the first two days? That’s the question and have no choice but to be optimistic. Even though he hasn’t proven it yet.

Hold me…

The Lions can’t lose in this draft unless they simply get some injury bad luck. Worst case they sit at #3 and take Young. Best case they get a TD scenario and go one of these routes depending on FA:

TD - #5 + 2nd + 1st/2021

  1. DT Brown (Snacks retires and Daniels not resigned)
  2. RB Taylor - starter
  3. WR Johnson - impact WR
  4. S Winfield - playmaker


  1. CB Okudah (Lions address DT in FA/Snacks doesn’t retire)
  2. RB Taylor (best remaining)
  3. WR Johnson (future star)
  4. ER Chaisson


  1. LB Simmons (huge upgrade for weakest position group on defense/Great matchup on top TE’s)
  2. DE Weaver
  3. WR Johnson
  4. CB Terrel

Did you forget Det’s original #35 Pick??

It is actually the 1st, 2nd, 2nd and 3rd. For some reason the site auto corrects to 1234?