Trade Rumor

PFT just announced that Quin and Fat Pat have been traded for two medium Jets pizzas and a 2 Liter of Faygo Rock N Rye.

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Dominoes or no deal!

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Bro - Jets is 2nd only to the better Chicago Pizza joints. Dominos has done a good job of improving and providing a great product for your money. Great "bang for your buck " purchase, but it aint Jets! That’s not even some thing we kid around about. :wink:


Sounds like a great deal!

The local Jets here does $8.99 deep dish 8 corner pizza’s on Wednesday’s. Incredible deal!

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Detroit pizza:

1 - Buddy’s
2 - Green Lantern
3 - Red Knapps
4 - Guido’s
5 - Jets


Maybe I’ve got some exploring to do, next time I’m in Michigan. If what you say is true, there’s a whole lotta goodness out there I dont know about.

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Love Jets New York Bold Fold. The Lions better have at least got one bold fold for 2 idiots.

The entire concept of folding a pizza is silly to me. If you want thicker pizza, just make a thicker pizza. Quit making thin ass pizza cause its “new york style” but then fold it up so it tastes more like a real pizza.:laughing:

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That’s New Yorkers for you. The same people that fill their bowls with milk, then add the cereal.

They use different sauce and pepperoni. It’s about the flavor, not the crust.

When someone says “new york style pizza” they aren’t talking about the sauce and pepperoni.

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When you talk about a Jets Bold Fold, they are.
You need to try one. It’s a whole different ballgame.

No thanks, I’ll just get a real pizza instead of a thinner one and folding it to pretend its a real pizza

Great list. Detroit style pizza is underrated imo. There’s a great place in Austin TX called 313 and similar place in LA, but otherwise it can be difficult to find. I will take Detroit style over Chicago and NY, but I’m biased.


I watched a video on youtube where they gave those 3 styles of pizza to a bunch of Korean girls who had never had pizza before. Detroit and Chicago style were the favs, with a slight majority preferring the Detroit style over the Chicago style. The NY style…which I think is an overrated joke of a pizza…came in dead last and it wasn’t even close.:upside_down_face:

I saw that vid too! Koreans don’t know chit about football, but they know food

I thank God at least I can get Jets down here where I live.

I love Detroit style.


yeah who wants cracker-thin pizza !? for the same price as a normal one??

Jets is a thicker Dominoes pizza with just a slightly stronger cardboard box flavor.