Trade Slay, Draft Okudah

As much as I love Slay, I don’t see him back in 2020. Culture fit and age concerns make it difficult to justify giving him a big payday. If we can get a late 1st or early 2nd rounder, I’d jump at the deal.

Given the importance of man-to-man DBs in MP’s scheme, we would need to invest in a capable replacement. To me, Jeffrey Okudah is a perfect fit for the scheme. He’s a top-end athlete with really long arms, smooth feet and natural man-to-man cover skills. On tape he shows the ability to fight through traffic and stick with WRs on crossing routes and pick plays…something that has KILLED us this year. In the run game he keeps good leverage discipline and is not afraid to tackle. OSU DBs are well-coached (hate to say it) and guys like Denzel Ward and Marshon Lattimore have excelled early in their careers, which bodes well for Okudah (who many scouts consider to have the highest ceiling of that group).

Then with our Slay pick and our own 2nd rounder, we can fill needs along the DL/OL

Here’s a nice video breakdown on Okudah from the Draft Network:

To me, this would effectively fill Slay’s spot for less money (possibly equal value, on the field. IMO, that $$ could be spent elsewhere, and I can see justifying the move.

As for what my limited perspective sees, I feel like the biggest upgrade to our D would be to spend the money on a QB eater! Whoever is going to put the most heat on opposing QBs. I may/may not be undervaluing Slay, here? IMO, if we have an amazing pass rush, we don’t need the top cb.

“Question” (in Dwight Schreutte voice)… What if we save the $$ from releasing Slay, still use the rookie contract on a DT/DE, AND use the Slay money on another DT/DE (depending on who the nastiest pass rushers are available)?

Roll with Ford, and have an amazing DL. I like that plan better.


Nice alternative scenario. Glad we are on the same page about Slay, though I wouldn’t be cool with rolling with Ford as the replacement, given the importance of DBs in MP’s scheme.

Some of this might depend on how deep the talent is at DB vs DL in the draft. If we can still get a quality starting-caliber DB early in the 3rd (but not a DL), that would make it more likely to stock up on DL early (and vice-versa).

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I am going to start pounding the table for Bud Dupree in FA…NOW. :rofl:

I’m getting kind of done with ‘shut down corners’ because it makes no difference if the qb has all day to throw. I liked Schwartz’ idea of quick pressure, and built a pretty formidable dline (on paper).

whatever it takes in this league but QB pressure is king. If the qb rolls out and makes plays, fine you can get the opportunity to hit them out of the pocket, but just letting them go through reads multiple times you could have deion sanders back there and it wouldn’t matter.


@Sheepish, elite pass rushers can also be neutralized but with a quick passing attack. The Bears see a steady diet of this to slow down Khalil Mack, and it is really effective unless the D has really good coverage players.

There is no one right way to build a team.

Many of us may not like it, but our team’s defensive philosophy puts a high value on coverage players.

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you don’t need elite corners for a quick passing attack, just some physical guys that can stay close. I’d take that over ‘elite’ corners. As we’ve seen with slay, anyone can get open with time.

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Fair enough but MP would say you don’t need elite rushers, if your coverage guys are good enough.

I don’t know what more important, but I do remember having an elite line suh and people would kill us w a million paper cuts ( 3 step drop quick passes) bc our corners were suspect at times…


Good points–to be clear, I’m not saying that I agree with MP’s philosophy, necessarily…just that because of the positional importance of man-to-man CBs within our scheme, Okudah makes a lot of sense at the top of round 1.

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Most cover guys aren’t good enough to over for 10 effing seconds. IMHO, the entire ack 7 would benefit greatly from one really good pass rusher opposite Flowers. I wouldn’t cut Slay though, they oughta be able to trade him this next off-season for something. His cap hit in 2020 is $13.4 mil, so if they can’t get a reasonable deal then play him. Probably get a comp pick at least, right?

I think you’re right. I’d guess we fetch a late 1st, early 2nd for Slay this offseason, or we keep him for another year and let him walk after that.

I say keep slay on a 3 year contract. And draft Okudah. Rookie CBs take time to find their footing. I’d like to see Slay stay until he isn’t worth it. Hell, he could be a No. 2 corner for about a year. Hopefully our CB from Penn State will be ready or good. But, I don’t believe in getting rid of talent.


Valid points to be sure. If he could be like Denzel ward that would be gravy.

I think it’ll be hard to get a 1st rounder for Slay. Not because he isn’t talented. But because he has one year left on his deal after this season and he’s 29. I think we’ll get less. But we would save about 11 mill in cap if we made a trade for a pick. Is it worth it? Or would it be better to have Slay for a run next year? He’s a rare lockdown or near lockdown. We’d be lucky to get that with whoever we draft, and even if we did, I’m not sure it happens year one.

Lions have some decisions to make.

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Yeah, but you can’t overpay for talent either, especially when it appears he ain’t playing as well as he did in his pro-bowl years. Plus, he seems to be missing more time than he used to, or maybe that’s just me. JMO.

2014 our defense was stellar…our offense crapped the bed that year. We seem to alternate between good defense or good offense, but never the twain shall meet.

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And Jermaine Dupree!

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Suh, Fairly, Jones, Ansah (healthy) was NAAAAAASTY!
Levy behind them…Naaaasty!
SO much fun to watch.


Keep the elite talent all and load up! Lions might be able to get some help via free agency and if not, through the draft.