Trade with the Patriots?

I am not sure if this has been discussed yet and if so credit to whoever already had that discussion. Regardless here we are looking at teams that MIGHT move up to get their QB. I am far from predicting a trade but I am looking at what the Patriots might have to be in the conversation.

The Patriots have a 1st rd. pick (#23) and then 3 3rd rd. picks (2 comps and their 23rd pick), 1 4th rd. pick, 1 5th rd. pick and 4 6th rd. picks. They also have guard Joe Thuney.

If I am Bob Quinn might I fall back all the way to #23 for Thuney and their 3rd rd. picks as well as maybe additional picks later? Would it take more? We have $ available. As Air pointed out we are not spending a ton on our OL overall.

Adding 28 year old Thuney would be very nice AND we could really flush out the roster with talented players in rd. 3 as we would have 5 3rd rd. picks. Adding Thuney would fill a hole without using a draft pick and gives us a hell of a player at ROG.

Decker, Dahl/Garnett, Ragnow, Thuney and Vaitai with our back ups looks great to me.

Who might we be looking at with the #23 pick? CBs I would guess. Maybe the 3rd or 4th CB off the board? Maybe Kristian Fulton? I would be pretty happy with that.

From there we would have our second and 5 3rd rd. picks meaning we could move around a bit. We could grab an edge rusher, a RB, and then add quality depth even if moving around cost us a pick. Having 7 picks in roughly the top 100 would be great. Mayne that six if we move up to grab a guy in rd. 2 or 3. Get a CB, an edge rusher, a RB, a WR, a DT…maybe 2 DTs and so on.

I have to say this would be very, very tempting to me. Add a 2021 2nd rounder and I pull that trigger.

Why would the Patriots do that? To get their QB who maybe can play now. Is that Justin Herbert? Who knows. But Thuney is a nice piece to have in draft day talks.

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My understanding is Comp picks are not tradeable.

I thought they recently changed that

Comp. picks are now tradeable. That new rule started last year or the year before that.

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While I am not predicting this it is important other teams might believe we are at least talking to a team like the Patriots and that there is a viable trade that could be worked out.

If I am Miami and I want one of the top 2 QBs I am game planning on who might move up and what the deal might look like. Miami and the Chargers are easy to see why they might like one QB. But a team like the Patriots with our Quinn connection adds a whole lot of uncertainty to game planning from a Chargers or Miami perspective. Would Quinn fall back that far and pick up an All Pro guard and later picks? Honestly I think Bob would do that in this draft. Sucks to give up an Okudah but getting an All Pro player at a position if need…AND we have the $ for signing Thuney means Miami and the Chargers better factor a trade like this into their calibration.

I would take a a deal from the Patriots and the Dolphins better factor that in too.

Have felt all along that trading with New England is a real possibility I for one have felt Chargers,Pat’s and Raiders are more likely than Miami.If Miami is going to deal picks to move up they will do it with Washington that way they know they wont get outbid.My money is still on the Chargers as the trade partner.

I’d want Mason, not Thuney. Need Winovich as well. Definitely next years first in addition to #23 and two of those thirds. Still might need more.

I proposed a trade down with NE a couple of weeks ago, the difference is I proposed NE trading Stephen Gilmore, #23, and # 87 to Det for pick #5…after Det. traded #3 to Mia. for #5, #26, and #56 or #70. I don’t think it is too far fetched, but it’s probably more of my pipe dream than anything else…

That would net US our starting corner, Gilmore, #23, #26, #35, #56 (or #70), #67, #85, and #87

Personally I hope we stop trying to make deals and outsmart the smartest mind in the history of football 6 times a year. Maybe I’m the crazy one.


Gilmore’s play is likely to fall off a cliff pretty soon. I could see BQ/MP being open to it to save their hides though. It would make a big difference in the extreme near term.

Personally I’d need more than just him, 23 and 87.

I don’t know if Bellichic’s schtick would work on a #3 oa pick…

This would be an instant “I’m done til Quinn is gone” moment.

Easily the worst possible outcome for me.

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I’d want NE’s 2021 FRP as well as #23 and now players.

Traded that low down the draft. NE would have to offer us a shit ton for me to even listen.

Part of the point of this thread is to understand that if you are Miami and you think you can play it cool and sit back and wait for a QB to fall to you…you better not think about just the usual teams. There may be a few wild card teams that could do something unexpected. The Lions have lots of available $ to take on a crazy trade like this one with New England.

Yes, I think for the right package the Patriots could in fact get something done. Nope, I don’t want to fall back to #23 but there will be a fine player available there and if we get a Pro Bowl guard and a ton of additional resources a deal can be made.

Miami very well might have more competition than they think for this pick. If the cost to trade up isn’t crazy high a team will jump up and it might be New England.

The Lions can also extort more out of Miami as they have the picks we want as long as Quinn can say with a straight face that “other teams want this pick and this is what we want from you” kind of approach. Tell Miami what we want and if they fail to meet our demand bail to another team for fewer/lower picks.

The Packers are my team to watch. I don’t know why I just have a feeling they are going to make a surprise move.

Yeah, I’ve said it before. It’s really stupid to make so many moves with the greatest minds in the game’s history. If NE wants to trade with you, then they obviously think they are getting the better end of the deal. And based on the FACT that they are the most successful franchise in the NFL and we are the worst franchise in all of sports, I will say they are right.

It’s like asking Warren Buffet for stock tips and then doing the opposite. Go make trades other bad franchises. Maybe you will actually win one or 2 of them.

I remember when people thought we got a great deal when we got Snacks for a 5th round pick. Well, fast forward and what happened? Our season was already over, and we played a bunch of scrubs. He looked ok against backups. Then he cried, Quinn gave him a raise and then he showed up fat, lazy, then quit the team, then talked shit about the franchise. We spent a 5th rounder and a bunch of money and got NOTHING in return.

Go trade with Miami, Cleveland, Oakland, Cincinnati, Jax, Wash, NYG, NYJ… and lose Belichicks phone number

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I have trouble thinking we would help the Packers with a trade up accommodation.

I am digging into the Patriots because we have a relationship with them, with Thuney and 3 3rd rd. picks they have assets worth trading and they are out of division.

In terms of additional teams that could surprise the Falcons are not adverse to making a splash but they don’t have a ton of assets. Past that I don’t see a lot of other teams that would be interested in trading up for a QB. The Packers pick 30th by the way.

The Patriots and Falcons could he;p with enough unknown pressure to push Miami the Chargers and maybe a third team to feel compelled to get their guy.

I do think the Patriots would be interested this draft however and they have the tools to move up if they include Thuney.

Thuney, 23 and a third, might get it but no deal without the 23rd back

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I’m not sure why folks are so worried about trading with the Pats. I don’t want to drop down to #23 but BQs history trading with BB isn’t bad. He won the Golladay grade. Hand for Winovich is kind of tough to grade. I think Hand has more potential but Winovich seems like a better bet to fulfill his potential when accounting for health. The KJ trade wasn’t a bad one. BB continued to wheel and deal thereafter and ended up with five players though I think that KJ is likely better than any of those five players.

The idea that BB has been ripping off BQ isn’t really accurate.