Trading back up into the 1st

I could totally see it, especially if we’re able to trade down from #3. Just imagine nabbing Okudah or Wirfs or whoever at 5, then trading back up to 10-15 for Jeudy, or Kinlaw, or maybe a falling Derrick Brown. Or maybe one of the tackles. If this is truly a make or break year for Quinn and Patricia, then it’s not so hard to imagine them trying to load up with as much elite talent as possible.


If you want a RB as I do in round 2 & you want your choice of Dobbins, Swift or Taylor I think you have to get to #25 ahead of Miami at #26 … All other players and the scenario you posted above I would welcome anything that improves the Starters and a better product for 2020.

Sometimes I think it is better to trade picks 4th round and lower to move up into the draft. The chances of hitting on a quality player in the 1st or 2nd round is so much higher than the later rounds.
Would you rather have a late 2nd round pick or a 4th, 5th,6th, and 7th round pick?

Most guys the Lions pick in the later rounds don’t contribute anything.

True, plus the guys we have scattered over the majority of the roster are basically 4th round talents anyway. No need to draft more, just to cut guys you already gave a 2 or 3 year deal to. We need in infusion of high end talent. We currently have very little of that.

This is my preferred scenario. Trade back and then trade up.

Great thread!

I was going to post this exact same thing. I’d like to trade down (as many times as we can) and then trade back up into the #16 range for our 2nd pick. Or get both of the Raiders picks.

So I pulled it off in a mock I just finished on PFN:

Andrew Thomas is my favorite trade-up option but he was already gone, so were Wirfs, Wills, CeeDee and Derrick Brown. I had Jeudy, Ruggs, Kinlaw, Becton and Henderson available to me and went with Jeudy over Kinlaw, mostly because I think he’s one of the best receiver prospects in years. But no matter what your preferred option is for #10, I think we can all agree that a draft that goes something like this would be a good one.

That’s a really great draft. Love Hodgins late. He’s going to be a good pro for a long time. Robinson reminds me A LOT of Jocqiue Bell so I think that would be a coup as well. Lemoux is going to be a starter for a long time. Greenard should be able to provide pass rush from day 1. I think Lawrence is a JAG but you need some of those in a rotation.

Not very familiar with Bratch. I know he fared well at the Senior Bowl. Is he thought to be LT material?

I know you like Roy but I’m not very familiar as well. Future NT material?

I really like the draft and I don’t see any supremely unrealistic values. I think Greenard goes a bit higher than that but it’s not crazy by any means.

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Yeah, I was surprised to see Greenard still available too. Honestly I had zeroed in on Anae there but he went the pick before ours so Greenard was plan B. I knew I had to add an edge at some point before the talent took a nose dive. It wasn’t a pick I loved, but one I thought I had to make.

I agree that Lawrence is a bit of a JAG but I just know our staff is gonna love his intangibles and hustle… he was apparently one of THE leaders on that LSU team… and that late I thought he was worth it. I wasn’t necessarily looking iDL but PFN has him crazy high on their board so he was taunting me from the top of the queue for like two rounds.

Roy, yes to me he’s future NT material, one of the few in this draft. I actually like him better than Fotu who, while he’s a better penetrator, doesn’t hold up as well at the point of attack. He’s got leverage issues that Roy doesn’t. Plus Roy can generally be had a round or two later, though we’ll see if that’s how it plays out in the actual draft.

Bartch is probably my favorite OL prospect in the draft outside of the top 3 guys. He’s got the athleticism to hold up at OT for sure, the only question is his length (only 33 inch arms at the Senior Bowl, but a 80+ wingspan). But even if he doesn’t, he can be a super guard too. I was shocked by how strong his hands were in Mobile, he had one of the best punches there and once he got his hands on guys, they were toast. It was really an eye-opener, given the step up in competition. But what really caught my eye was on tape… you basically cannot fool him. No matter how much a defense stunted, or delayed blitzed or whatever trick they tried to throw at him, he easily snuffed it out. It’s like he’s got some sort of beautiful mind thing going on, one of the best processors I’ve ever witnessed in an OL. He was a really fun watch. Which is why I think he might go much higher than the mocks have him going.

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I really like Greenard. Think he can be a Vinny Curry type. Nice pass rushing rotation piece.

Awesome response. Really appreciate the detail.

Since you brought up hands, the way that Hodgins snatches the ball is pretty special too. Watched him play a ton as he’s 40 miles up the road. Especially on high balls. It reminds me of Golladay except unlike Kenny who tends to secure the ball away from his body, Hodgins is textbook in how quickly he brings it into his body. Hands catcher, body securer if that makes any sense. He’s going to be a solid pro for a long time. I’m quite confident of that. Feel like he actually has number 2 upside. In round 5 he’s amazing value. Only possible Bc of the depth at WR.

I’ve decided I want Malcom Perry late if we don’t get a slot. Great story and a likely gadget player of nothing else

The WR depth is so crazy in this class. I think the only thing that separates the guys slated to go in the 4-6th and the guys earlier is athleticism. Like, all the guys in the 4-6th range are a little slower but big and with great catch radiuses (radii?), and that’s pretty much it. Mims and DPJ and Claypool were all in that range too at some point but lo and behold they tested well so now they’re first-two-day guys. Someone is gonna prove to be great value out of those guys (as Golladay would have, as I think he would have been drafted 4-6 in this class, given his status as a prospect), and I like Hodgins as much as anyone else. I was zeroed in on he and Bryan Edwards as that pick approached, but Edwards came off the board making it pretty easy.

Interesting to note that another one of your faves, Pittman, went in the mid-2nd. I haven’t seen him that high but he went to the Niners (they must have traded down) and with the way they love receivers who can block, it makes some sense.

I love Bryan Edwards. After Michael Pittman he’s my next favorite of those style of WRs. If Pittman falls to the third I hope he’s the pick. I would celebrate Edwards or Watkins (different style of wideout) in that round as well. Duvernay as a slot guy as well but as far as outside guys early on day three Pittman, Edwards and Watkins are my favorites.

Oh I’m a big Watkins fan too, and I think he might actually be available a little later. Maybe, it’s hard to get a grasp on this class, there’s just so many of them, but I regularly see Watkins available between the 4-6th, depending on which site I’m using (I’ve seen him go in the 3rd a few times as well). He’s one of the few speed guys available late, which makes me think he might go higher than most of the mocks have him.

I really like Edwards too, and I think his inability to do anything during the pre-draft process probably pushes him down the board - he wasn’t able to answer any of the questions about his athleticism. 4th round seems about right.

What I love about it in this particular draft is we’re talking about Edwards and Hodgins and Watkins after we’ve already taken Jeudy. It gives is a majorly deep room this year, but I really think Jones and Amendola will be gone next year, and it makes sense to nab those WRs in a deep draft. If we trotted out Golladay and Jeudy and Hodgins in 2021 we’d have one of the best groups in the league.

Edwards certainly flashes athleticism on the field. I’m not too concerned there. I like him and Pittman BC both offer high pointing and YAC abilities.

I go back and forth on where Watkins goes. I think you are likely right but with the dearth of deep threat options I could see him going higher than is expected.

Totally agree with you about Jones and Amendola. That’s what intrigues me about taking Perry late. Smart kid, hard worker. Small, but soft hands and elite YAC potential. One year of Amendola tutoring him and perhaps we have something. I also want to take advantage of the historic depth at the position.

I still wish we would’ve taken advantage of the DT depth last year (Oliver over Hock or moved back in to round 1 for Tillery or something like that) but C’est la vie.

I think I’d prefer either one of the tackles but both Jeudy and Lamb are going to be studs. I would be fine with it. I just think Okudah, one of the top four tackles (or Kinlaw though I know your skittish about him) and then multiple later shots on goal at WR is my preference.

Simmons was my guy last year at DT, but I knew we wouldn’t take him with the injury and the character concerns. But man did I love watching him play. Tennessee got a good one.

I’d be fine with Perry late, he looked great running the gauntlet drill. I was a little disappointed with his testing but for the position he’d be playing, quickness is far more important and he appears to have that.

If Wills or Thomas had been available, I would have taken one of those over Jeudy. I might have taken Wirfs too, I have him and Jeudy graded right next to each other with Jeudy one spot ahead. I have my reservations about Kinlaw but I’d be fine with picking him given the dropoff at iDL afterward. It’s just I’d go with other guys first. In fact if we came out with Okudah + any of those guys I’d be pretty happy. Becton is the guy I’m not as hyped about but I can admit he’s got a high ceiling, it’s just he’s got a really low floor too.

Becton concerns me as well. I think he may just be the single most boom or bust guy. I’d be fine going Jeudy, Lamb or Kinlaw above either.

Jeudy reminds me of Reggie Wayne. I think he’s one of the safest picks in the draft. Very likely to be a star WR IMO. Okudah is quite safe as well IMO.

I liken Jeudy to a longer-legged Antonio Brown. He’s got the same juice in and out of his breaks, the same ability to separate, the same attack mindset. Where he differs from Brown is with his jukes, he’s got a preternatural sense for the way the defenders bodies are moving and how best to get past them. Sometimes he gets himself in trouble with it, but when he limits the jukes to one or two and then goes, he’s borderline unstoppable. And like Brown, he’s gonna have to work at getting off the line against long-limbed press corners. Brown mastered it with his quicks, I can’t see Jeudy having any trouble with it either. He just needs more experience.