Trading for Chase

Let’s say we lose out and end up picking @ #4 or #5 overall.

Young has been described as a generational talent. This reminds me a bit of the draft when we flirted with trading up for Patrick Peterson but ended up staying put and taking Fairley—what a mistake it was to play it safe that year. With MP and BQ on the hot seat I think we swing for the fences—they know it’s playoffs or bust next season.

According to the draft trade chart we would need to pitch in at least another first rounder and some change to land the #2 overall pick (assuming Burrow goes first).

Assuming the #2 overall pick is for sale—would you be willing to spend 2 first rounders (2020 and 2021) on Chase?

If not, would you trade Slay and our 1st rounder in 2020 for Chase?

No thank you…

I would definitely go with option 2. Slay is not going to resign here and will be gone after next year anyway. If this team moves forward with Quintricia for next year, they are going to suck bad again, so sending a 2021 1st rounder is pretty steep. Almost certainly another top 10 pick. To rich for my blood.

Slay was the guy to move at the deadline. His return in the offseason will be less, but still better than it will be if we wait till mid season next year.

The fact that Quinn sucks at 9 out of 10 loves he makes, doesnt give me hope that he will pull off anything savvy. Probably just take a DT with a history of shoulder issues or something.

No thanks. If we can’t get a quality football player with the 4th or 5th overall pick, then Quinn doesn’t deserve to be here anyways. Even in your example Patrick Peterson was the 5th overall pick, with Julio Jones being next and JJ Watt still on the board.


The issue isn’t just getting a good player @4-5. We need to generate a pass rush if we want a chance at making the playoffs. There’s no guarantee we will be able to get a quality pass rusher where we end up drafting.

There is always a pass rusher available at #5 or later.


I don’t think the decision makers in Allen Park (i.e. Quintricia) would agree with your assessment. They will be trying to save their jobs—they’ll worry about 2021 in 2021 (if they still have jobs).

“One of these penny stocks is sure to turn into a blue-chipper. Think I’ll sell off all of my Amazon stock and just buy a bunch of promising penny stocks.”

A lotta guys have been described as a generational talent and subsequently didn’t make it. Injuries, poor coaching, mismatched talent and scheme, whatever. I’m not a fan of trading up.

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No. You only trade up like that for a QB.

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Vote no. There is top talent throughout the top half dozen picks. Unless your name is Trevor Lawrence and command that type of move up. Stay put and even Quinticia couldn’t screw it up (I hope).

If taking a pass rusher at #5 or later is a “penny stock,” than you are in the wrong business. Guys like Khalil Mack and Bradley Chubb sure as heck aren’t “penny stocks.” Of the top 20 or so guys in sacks this season, only 3 of them were taken earlier than the 5th pick (Myles Garrett and the Bosa brothers).


Georgia’s defense has a roster full of 5 star talent.

Last night in pretty much every 3rd and long they rushed 3 and Burrow had all day.

If we keep doing that it won’t matter if Chase Young is on this roster.

There’s not “always“ a Khalil Mack or Bradley Chubb available @5. Many times it’s a Barkevious Mingo, Dion Jordan, Mike Mamula, Andre Wadsworth, Vernon Gohlston, etc.

We can’t afford to give up future #1 picks especially with Stafford getting older and having broken bones in his back. With the way things are going our 2021 pick could be #1OA. We could miss out on Trevor Lawrence. No thank you.

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No! 11 years ago we drafted a generational talented QB.
13 years ago, we drafted a generational talented WR.
10 years ago we drafted a generation talented DT.
Zero fucks given! Zero playoff wins!
I wouldn’t sell the farm for a generational talent.
Didn’t work for Ditka in NOLA.
Didn’t work for Jimmy in Miami.
Didn’t work for Naggy in Chicago.
A properly built and proportioned TEAM is the only thing that works.


You are all over the map at this point. You are listing guys picked earlier than #5 AND guys picked later than pick #5. So what’s your point, that picks can miss whether we stay put or trade up? LOL

Again, most of the leagues top pass rushers came at pick 5 or later. Of the top 20 guys in sacks this season only 3 of them were picked earlier than pick #5. This is not the NBA. If you find it impossible to get a good pick At 5 or later, even if you are targeting a pass rusher, you might be in the wrong business.


The point is every draft is different and that the lower the pick, the less likely they are to hit (even in the top 10). Saying “there are always great pass rushers available later” is like saying “my plan is to find needles in haystacks”

Most of the leagues top pass rushers came at pick #5 or later. You are speaking with your heart and not letting the data guide you.

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I don’t disagree with the assessment that guys will be available after #5. There are only a handful of pass rushers drafted picks #1-4 in the league. Maybe 2 in a draft at the most.