Travis Frederick retires at age 29

Real good player. Seems like a couple of very good players are retiring every season, with lots of game left. Big blow to Dallas.



wow is right. Holy cow. isn’t he the one with the medical issues a few years back??? missed the 2018 season?

He had guillain-barre syndrome. Can’t believe he played a year after.

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Invest and manage your wealth well and all decent football players should be able to retire early. Barry never worked a regular job in his life! You could probably call his ambassador job with the Lions a regular job, but the Lions are paying him a nice bit of money to do it.

Two contracts and out would be my plan. Well unless I was a back-up QB for life - best gig going.

I dunno, Kirk Cousins doesn’t seem to have it too bad as a starting QB. Not much seems to be expected of him and he keeps getting contracts.