Trent Williams Drama could help the Lions

I’ve been saying this for months now. I think Wash could go OT. They have a rookie QB to protect and I think there’s a strong possibility they trade out of #2 and draft an OT. Leaving the Lions sitting at 3 with no trade partner and Young on the board.

My fear is that the Lions would then pass on Young and draft Okudah.

Washington sits one spot above Detroit in the draft order. If Williams is gone, and it now appears that will be the case, it makes offensive tackle an urgent need for new head coach Ron Rivera and the Redskins. With premium talents like Andrew Thomas, Mekhi Becton and Tristan Wirfs all available, the chances of Washington taking an offensive tackle at No. 2 instead of Ohio State defensive wunderkind Chase Young increase exponentially with Williams out of the picture.

I don’t see it, unless it’s a trade down. Seems to me, if they were going to take that route, that would be the more likely scenario.

Agreed. THIS is the long-awaited news that finally makes Young at #3OA or a trade down with only Miami a real possibility. Until this, Okudah was our choice in that spot with no trade down.

The Chargers are presumably going to sign Cam Newton once he is released. If he is healthy, that takes LA out of the hunt to trade up with us.

The only thing that could still shake up the board is if someone leapfogs us to take Young or Tua. Get the popcorn ready!

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Cam is not that great at this point in his career. Coming off a 2 game season, foot and shoulder injuries. He may be LAC’s stop gap, but that is what he is. I think they would still be in play, although maybe not as desperate to give away the farm.

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I don’t think anyone knows how Cam will rebound from his injuries. Maybe he’s done or maybe he revitalizes his career elsewhere. Similar scenarios have happened both ways with QB’s, even if it is in a stopgap role instead of a franchise QB role.

If Cam signs with LA, this allows the board to come to them. If Tua falls and that’s their guy, then they redshirt him with Cam and Taylor as his veteran mentors and reevaluate their depth chart next year.

Of course this scenario is contingent on Cam actually being healthy enough to sign a new contract. I’m sure his skills havent diminished that much over the past 2 years of injuries that he couldn’t compete for a starting job elsewhere.