Trent Williams for Darius Slay?

Just heard on the radio that Washington had allowed Trent William’s to seek a trade…find his own trade partner.

How about a 1 for 1 deal? Slay for Williams

Personally, I would prefer to keep slay.


No doubt. They’re both on the decline, but at least Slay doesn’t have some type of injury condition.


Personally I like Slay as well. But I’m not confident in how Quinn can handle this situation.

What injury condition does Williams have?

I know he had the tumor deal, but that is all squared away.

I would like to get something of value for Slay.

Trent could take over LT, move Decker to RT and then cut Wagner…I will admit I briefly looked at OTC to see what cap savings we would gain by cutting him…but nadda

Throw in a swap of first rounders so we can take Young and I’m down.


Do we swap draft positions with it?

I can’t see this happening. Not sure I would like this move.

No no and more no

You’re right. It’s just the tumor deal. I’ve had an impression there was more than that going on since their public feud last fall.

Depends on where the NFL stands regarding his contract. If it pushes back a year bc he sat out and we’d get elite left tackle play for two years and 23m then I think I’d trade Slay for Williams.

Also OTs age quite well compared to most positions. Look at Whitworth for instance. We might get 5-6 years of elite LT play out of Williams.

I think I’d do it and then flip Decker for something. I do think we might be able to get something out of them if they want Slay. We have a lot more leverage I would think.

Edit: just read now that Williams wants 20m. Don’t know that he’s healthy enough consistently enough to pay him that. Would be the second best Lions OL of my lifetime though.

Well I look at it like this. We could either pay Slay big money, Wagner big money and Decker big money. Then draft Okudah because Young is gone.


We could pay Williams big money, dump Wagners salary, move Decker to RT, draft Young, and pay Chris Harris big money on a short term deal. Then go CB in the 2nd to bolster the position.

I move on from Wagner either way because his production is easily replaceable and we’ll save enough money for another decent player, but just thinking through it.

I would scream at the top of my lungs if it would help. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

How about the Skins trade WIlliams and then draft an OT at #2 to replace him or trade back with a QB needy team? Then guess who would be waiting for the Lions to select with the 3rd pick in the 2020 NFL draft. :grinning:

My main problem with this is we trade Slay, there’s a hole we have to now fill. We get Williams for a position we already have filled. Magically, we are going to displace Decker,put Williams there, (.? Injury wise), Decker is going to accept that and we pay Wagner 11 million to be a backup or lose 8 million in cap money.

This seems like a real possibility. I could see them trading with Miami at 5.

CIN Burrow
DET Young
NYG Okudah/Brown/Simmons
WAS Choice of LT Becton/Wirfs/Wills + what they get for Williams + the draft haul from Miami. CY is great, but they have a problem with Williams and will have to replace their LT who is going to be protecting a second year QB that is not very mobile.

I actually would not be surprised if the Giants also go OT. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Skins move back and Phins take a QB that either the Bolts or Pans look to move up to get their guy. So it might look something like this.

Cin QB
Mia QB
Skins OT
Lions pick of the defensive players and at least an extra 2nd this year.

It would have to be a sign and trade, otherwise, Trent is going to simply be an asshat and sit again.

If Williams is 100%, then it would be a nice upgrade.

Two major red flags:

  1. Couldn’t work things out with the Redskins. Even if the Redskins are clueless, most players work things out at some point. It’s certainly plausible he could be one of those players that wants the $$, but doesn’t want football. (Levy)

  2. His contract demands appear to be well above and beyond market value. This typically ends badly between the team and player.

Good player, but worth the risk/headache? Not for the Lions at this juncture.

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First, welcome to the Den and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Second, from what I read the problem was that Williams was unhappy with the way that the coaching staff handled his illness. On top of that when he brought it up to Synder he sided with the coaches which started the whole “I will not play for the Redskins again” thing.

Third, I agree about the salary, though I am not sure what the going rate for a starting OT is at the moment and we might be undervaluing the position, it happens.

Williams gets hurt a lot. That’s my main concern with him. When healthy jr just might be the best two way blindside protector in football.