Trent Williams on the Trade Block

They want a first round pick. Anyone who gives them that should be immediately canned and never allowed in an NFL front office again.

As much as he’d help this year and maybe a year or 2 more, the demand for him is going to make someone over pay. We CAN’T be that team

Is Pat Swilling available?


I would look at Trent Williams really close if I were Quinn.

He might be 31 but LT typically last longer than most positions in the NFL.

high level LTs are difference makers.

The problem is, how long before he is in game shape? As we have seen with Snacks and Flowers, it took them a half season to look even remotely like a shell of themselves. I’m guessing Williams would bring next to nothing for this season.

So, are you willing to trade a #1 pick for an over 30 year old player who in going into a contract year and will want to get paid? That is the anti-Patriot way. They don’t make a habit of giving guys over 30 long term high dollar deals.

They don’t make a habit of spending high picks to acquire a guy like that…but they do have a habit of acquiring players they only use for a short period of time and have no intention of giving a long term deal to.

no way–they want too much and he’s 30 or 31 already–lets build for the future not today


We would be silly to give them that much. That being said, some teams are so desperate at the position that I could see them doing it. If my job was on the line and I felt like protecting my QB for the next year or so could save it…I might make that deal.

If our defense was lights out, or even mediocre and our offense was struggling to protect Stafford, I could see this move. However, even though our line isn’t close to being stable, the offense is still WAY ahead of the defense. Therefore, giving away a high draft pick to improve that side of the ball, while ignoring the awful defense, is not responsible.

I know it probably won’t be popular, but since we once again have a limited amount of draft picks as it stands now (Thanks, Quinn), I think we have to go with this for our first three picks: OT, DE, RB. Not necessarily in that order, but maybe DE, OT, then RB. Something like that. THEN spend every available penny you have on defensive free agents.

How do the Lions have a limited amount of draft picks? They have a pick in every round except the 7th. Wow you are always reaching.

For a team that has been terrible for 60 straight years, to have less than the allotted amount given to every team in the NFL is by definition LIMITED. We’ve been awful. In order to ever really rebuild, we should be accumulating picks. Just drafting the standard amount (or less) doesn’t give you a leg up on anyone else in the league. So, you are basically down to severely overspending for free agents like Flowers, James, Daniels, Wagner every year. If you had more than the minimal amount of picks, you could address more needs for cheap. How in the world does a team like the Pats consistently have more picks than us? They go to a super bowl and just this past year they had a 1st, a 2nd, 3 rds and 2 4ths and 2 5ths. Next year they currently have more picks as well. Read a book

We have 7 picks in the 2020 draft.

Intriguing, but a a 1st for a 31 year old…no

Washington is asking a first. I don’t think they’ll get it.

Who knows though. I didn’t think Jalen Ramsey would get that haul TBH and I love Jalen

I’ve wanted a great LT for a looong time.

We don’t know what Washington is asking
We only know what’s in the media
I agree, no way do they get a first

Ain’t it funny how so many of the big names on the block, Williams, Gordon, Bell and even our own Big Play Slay are guys that have a recent history of being malcontents of one kind or another?

Teams are not selling their bedrock franchise guys, at least who those guys are in their view. But I think there’s still red flags and buy beware on all of these guys, i.e. if they turn out to be headcases on their new teams, no one should be surprised.

That would be why trade value diminishes
The values we read today in the media will end up overstated

Wouldn’t label Slay a malcontent. Just pissed that they traded his buddy.

Not that per se, but stay away from the offseason program and complaining about his salary. I don’t automatically side with either players or owners on money, but I do look at it as a red flag for potential future problems…