Trevor Lawrence the 3rd best QB? .... June Jones thinks so

June Jones not only thinks Lawrence isn’t the best QB in the class. He thinks he’s the 3rd best.

1st - Mac Jones
2nd - Zach Wilson

I brought up in another thread that Urban Meyer had said that he felt Wilson deserved consideration for the 1OA pick.

Anyway I thought it was interesting why he felt Lawrence wasn’t the best QB in the class and why he felt Mac Jones was.

I’m big on Mac Jones and have been vocal about it …I think he’s way under rated on the board and in the media.

I thought he brought up some interesting points on both QB’s Take a look at what he said.

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Here’s another article about a former NFL GM who believes Mac Jones could go before the 8OA pick.

He’s predicting that NE will trade up ahead of Carolina to get him. Could NE trade with the Lions by chance?

I have been saying for a while that I think Mac Jones goes higher than the mocks are projecting him to go.

Former New York Jets general manager Mike Tannebaum thinks New England will select Alabama quarterback Mac Jones. Jones has an analyst favorite for New England throughout the entire pre-draft process. He also met with the Patriots at the Senior Bowl. With Bill Belichick having a close relationship with Alabama head coach Nick Saban, this could be a potential possibility.

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Here’s another article where Matt Miller claims he spoke with one teams director of college scouting and that team had Wilson as the top QB. That scout compared Wilson to Patrick Mahomes.

Here’s that article …

Matt Miller of The Draft Scout spoke to a college scouting director that believes BYU’s Zach Wilson, not Lawrence, is the best quarterback in this year’s class. The scout even compared Wilson to former NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes:

Maybe Lawrence isn’t the slam dunk @ 1OA that many think he is?

I still think Lawrence goes 1OA but I find these takes interesting. I think there’s going to be an early run on QB’s and this should help the Lions.

Here’s one more. Joe Theismann thinks Wilson is better than Lawrence as well.

This article has some nice stats on how the two compare and some nice video clips too.

“I just love the way he throws the football,” Theismann said. “It’s hard to teach. We’ve seen people learn to perfect it a little bit. But he has all the natural skills. He’s got a live arm. He’s got a strong arm. He can put touch on it. He can gun it.

Wilson has the best arm talent in the draft. He can throw off platform with ease and does a great job extending plays with his feet. He’s a stud. Would I take him over TLaw? Hell no. But if Wilson can become a leader in the NFL, then he is a hell of a consolation prize for whichever team lands him.

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I posted this in the “Jaylen Waddle is Odell Beckham” thread… but seems more pertinent here.
His arm strength is a very real concern… especially when he tries to throw without a perfect base.

Here is a link to the video I watched when I noticed this play… and it can be viewed at 5:40 into the video.

And the most concerning throw for me was against Georgia. Waddle ran a deep over from the left slot. He was being trailed by a LB that had no chance… with a safety still slightly to the inside. Jones had a clean pocket and some time to step into the throw. He launched it at his own 17 from the right hash, and Waddle had to slow down considerably to make a jumping contested catch at the UGA 42 yard line. He was still inside the numbers on the field… which means the ball was throw less than 10 yards horizontally… and traveled only 41 yards vertically. The actual air distance was less than 45 yards. A good throw would have been outside the numbers and a little further downfield… but his arm strength may have prevented it.

Here is a screen shot (little grainy I admit)… that shows Waddle already behind the LB and he was only going to increase that separation if allowed to run. Waddle is already at the 47 yard line, with the LB trailing at the 49 yards line.


Now another screen shot of the point that Waddle has to jump BACK TOWARDS the lline of scrimmage to catch the severely underthrown ball…


The ball is still in air not quite to Waddle’s right hand (with white glove) at near the 43 yard line. Waddle had to slow up so much that the LB was able to erase a 2 yard deficit and contact Waddle have he was only 4 yards further downfield.

One more view of same play… showing Waddle completely turned around WAITING on the throw.


It is not just 1 throw either. I posted many instances on the other thread of how Jones consistently underthrows deep targets. He also struggled considerably to generate any kind of velocity on throws where is not able to deliberately set his feet. Watch the next play on that video (starts at 6:11), and Mac is barely able to get the ball to travel 25 yards when he is not able to step into the throw. He still had his feet on the ground, but just moving backwards a bit.

And there is COLD weather. Jones has played 1 game in cooler weather (36 degrees)… against Arkansas in 2020. He completed 24 passes for 208 yards (8.67 YPC)… with ZERO attempts on passes 20 yards or longer downfield. Jones has played almost every college game in the south with warm temps, and typically not much wind in those stadiums. How would a guy with an average arm at best do in potentially cold and windy places like Chicago, Green Bay, New York, Philly, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Buffalo, or New England? He might not have to play many games in cities like those… but I would not want him as my guy in a snowy, windy, or rainy January game.

Here is a quote from Daniel Jeremiah as well:

“Jones has average size and athleticism for the quarterback position,” Jeremiah wrote. “He’s operated out of the shotgun and pistol, showing incredible accuracy, efficiency and poise. He is a high-effort thrower, with slightly above-average arm strength. He’s at his best on touch throws, where he can anticipate and place the ball on the proper shoulder of his target. He shows toughness to hang in versus pressure, although he rarely faced it with an elite offensive line protecting him.

“He isn’t much of a threat as a runner and he lacks the twitch to consistently escape and buy extra time. Jones should become a starting NFL quarterback, but his lack of twitch and athleticism will limit the playbook with the way the game is trending.”

“High effort thrower” is not the description I want to see when looking for a top level QB.
I mentioned in my other post on the Waddle thread… but it is difficult to find a Mac Jones throw that travels more that 52-54 air yards… and he left several of those throws short even when fully stepping into the throw. You can find video of Colt McCoy throwing 55 yards in the air. That is the type of arm I think Jones possesses.

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You brought up the Arkansas game before so I watched it. I didn’t see anything wrong with Jones velocity or accuracy on that game that would give me any kind of reservations about his cold weather abilities. Stylistically I don’t expect him to have more problems than a typical NFL QB in the wind because he’s got good arm strength and he throws a clean spiral on many of his throws.

As far as experience, I think after you evaluate the throwing style needed to make it in cold weather you have to just let the chips fall where they may. If you asked any fan to start naming the best cold weather team QBs its always a funny exercise because you start naming alot of California, Mississippi, Texas and Florida guys.


How would June Jones rank Andre Ware in this class?:joy:


You’ve brought up his arm strength before but he doesn’t have a weak arm by any means.

In fact that’s why June Jones has him as his highest rated QB. Because of his deep ball accuracy. Here’s what he said in the article.

“Mac’s deep-ball accuracy is probably the best that I have graded in my years of coaching quarterbacks,” June Jones said. “He’s almost at 55 percent at over 20 yards, which is unbelievable.”

Fact check: True. Last season, Jones hit on 58.9 percent of his passing attempts 20-plus yards downfield. And factoring in dropped passes, Pro Football Focus had Jones at an adjusted completion percentage on those attempts at a scalding 67.1.

Bare minimum would be Nos. 15 & 46, but I’d be greedy and ask for their 5th Rd pick too because they likely have another 3d for Brady and two 4ths for Van Noy and Collins.

I LOVE it! The more viable QB options the better for a trade down. I don’t want to go too far down but a trade down between 11-15 puts DE, DT and a WR that slips on the radar.

Me too. I expect that the Eagles will finally unload Wentz for some trinkets from the Colts and then select the 4th QB, probably Lance. If Mac Jones is getting some real love from teams, a trade could still be in play.

That would make sense given that Hurts and Lance have a similar style, which would not require changing the offense to a less mobile QB.

If we can’t trade out of the 7 spot this year, we really suck. We’ve got Carolina and Denver right after us that we should be able to get at least a 3rd rounder for. I think Wilson is the best prospect not named Lawrence in the next two drafts. If we didn’t have Goff, I’d be doing everything I can to get to 2 and take him. But we do have Goff and there is just too much good there IMO to rush the rookie QB pick. Goff is young enough to play at a very high level for the next 8 plus years. No he’s not a great scrambler but he’s made a living on bootlegs and is plenty athletic for that. Wilson really stands out to me so I fully understand if Goff or no Goff we go up to get him. But I think we have simply turned back the clock at QB and have a guy who can win a SB if we do enough around him. That starts this year at 7. I trade down and maybe even trade down twice if I can. There are a ton of great players in rounds 2 and 3 and if we can add one or two more players inside those rounds, that really helps us.

My last mock I traded with Miami, 7 and 154 for 18 and 36. Then I went:

1 Toney WR
2a Nixon 3t
2b McNeil NT
3a Eichenberg OT
3b Roche OLB

So I gave us a playmaking slot receiver not named Waddle, but almost as good. Then with that trade, it allows us to dump Shelton’s salary and fix the front seven for the new system. Nixon plays Donald’s role and McNeil also starts day one at NT. Roche jumps in at OLB opposite J Okwara and Flowers settles in at RDE. Collins grabs the WILB spot unless we can pick up a guy further down the line that is better in coverage, so he can play SILB. I think I ended up taking Suratt for WILB later on, but I hit a wrong button and lost it. Bottom line, I don’t think we should draft a QB and I do think we should trade down.

I had never seen a guy with as quick a release and accuracy like he had," former Hawaii coach June Jones said. “I was just in awe.”

“He did some unbelievable things. His accuracy, quickness in the pocket, being able to avoid the rush and throw from all different ways accurately, it was just amazing.”

I’ll take care of you eventually and you’ll be one of the first quarterbacks drafted.

"I don’t care what you say, there’s no quarterback as talented and playing like he’s playing right now. I wouldn’t trade him for anyone else in the country.

“He has all the tools the great ones had. His accuracy is like Jim Kelly’s. His competitiveness is like Kelly’s. His ability to lead is like what Joe Montana and all the great ones do.”

“I’ve looked at quarterbacks for over 20 years. I know what the
coaches and the football people are going to say. You’re going to
be the first quarterback taken,”’ said Warriors coach June Jones

Link to article
ESPN link
another ESPN link

So much praise from June Jones on can’t miss prospect… Colt Brennan.

For a more recent QB assessment made by June Jones…

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised the last three weeks what a good teammate he is, how smart he is, how he sees the game,” Jones told David Newton of ESPN. “He should be playing in the National Football League and I believe he will when he gets through with us.”

That praise is directed towards… [Johnny Manziel] in 2018. (


June Jones should never be allowed to judge personnel ever again.

Wish I could like that post more than once.

Quinn wouldn’t. He’d find some way to justify staying there and take Kyle Pitts.

To be fair, Colt Brennan was the QB on the 2007 University of Hawaii team that went 12-0 before getting demolished by Georgia (QB’d by Matthew Stafford) in the Sugar Bowl.

Brennan finished 3rd in the Heisman voting that year and had ridiculous stats in June Jone’s offense. Finished w/ >70 completion percentage and 4200+ yards that year. And having seen him play in person, he definitely had the skills. It’s not like Jones was out there pushing some nobody. Brennan was the best QB to play for UH in… well, probably ever.