Trubisky postgame comments make Sunday's debacle even more of an outrage

From NBC Chicago’s Adam Hoge (the parts that particularly galled me in bold):

Matt Nagy isn’t going to give the victory back, but he should probably at least send Matt Patricia a gift basket.

The Bears are somehow 1-0 after Mitchell Trubisky threw three fourth quarter touchdowns to erase a 23-6 deficit and come away with a 27-23 victory in Detroit. But in accepting this victory, it’s only polite to start by thanking the opponent.

In this case, the opponent was the Lions, who managed to be the Lions in the most Lions way possible.

Consider Trubisky’s first touchdown pass, a lob to tight end Jimmy Graham in 1-on-1 coverage. Before the play, Lions head coach Matt Patricia seemed to recognize that Graham had an advantage, so he called timeout. After the timeout, he left 6-1 cornerback Tracy Walker on an island against the 6-7 tight end. Touchdown.

Why it took the Bears so long to take advantage of their tight end mismatches was mind-boggling for three quarters, but Patricia’s defense kept daring the Bears to go that way, and Trubisky obliged by later hitting Graham for a 16-yard catch-and-run down to the 1-yard-line. A touchdown toss to Javon Wims on the next play brought the Bears within 23-20.

The Lions’ collapse was on.

This is not new territory for Patricia. His team leads the NFL in blown fourth quarter leads with 11 since 2018, his first season in Detroit. They had seven last season alone.

And you could feel it coming Sunday. Even after Trubisky struggled for so long.

The Bears’ defense – which didn’t exactly look dominating Sunday – delivered its signature timely takeaway as safety Eddie Jackson broke up Matthew Stafford’s pass on third down, batting it up in the air for Kyle Fuller to come down with it.

And then it was time for the Bears to take advantage of the Lions’ overwhelmingly obvious defensive tendencies – again.

“When they got down to the wire, they’re going to play what they trust most and that’s (man-defense) for them. And we knew that,” Trubisky said.

The quarterback gave the Lions credit for mixing up their coverages early in the game, which likely contributed to his early struggles. Trubisky’s success in three games against Patricia’s defense is very concretely tied to the Lions playing a lot of man defense and not rushing more than four defenders. Coming into Sunday’s game, seven of Trubisky’s nine touchdowns against the Patricia-led Lions were against man coverage and all of them were against four or fewer rushers.

So, of course, all three of Trubisky’s fourth quarter touchdowns Sunday came against man defense with four or fewer rushers.

Never change, Matt Patricia.

What makes it even more screamingly ridiculous – beyond Patricia learning zero from all the past failures at containing (snicker) Mitch Trubisky; beyond Patricia not learning the lessons of how to confuse him FROM THIS VERY GAME – the Lions were massively depleted in the secondary from injuries within the game. SO YOU PLAY MAN COVERAGE?!? THE ONE WAY YOU KNOW TRUBISKY DOES WELL AGAINST YOU?!


No words, man.

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Patricia really is a joke it’s sad to be that bad and predictable yet his head is so big. Patriot way my ass.


At this point I don’t want Patricia to just fail… I would like to see him humiliated for the world to see. It’s bad enough that he’s a terrible coach, but he’s a terrible person too


If he would drink more then I would start calling him Flounder.

There really is no defending him right now.


I remember Steve Marucci talking about taking 1 day a week to self analyze yourself for tendancies before opponents recognize them. Said it was very important, especially in a copycat league


But he’s a rocket scientist! That stupid pencil should’ve been the giveaway right from the get go. Anyway, you called it with this guy from the start. I wish I could say you were wrong but his tenure here has been embarrassing. Bill Belichick has made so many people rich that don’t deserve it.


I listened to a podcast where an ex Patriots coach brought up how in late game situations Bill Belicheck would dial up heavy blitzes versus hot offenses in one score games.

He did this because it would either cause a catastrophic play for the offense OR it will allow them to score fast so his offense would get the ball back with more time.

He said Bill was good at recognizing when they weren’t going to stop an offense so he would just cut to the chase.

Matt Patricia was the D Coordinator for some of those teams and apparently learned nothing and that’s what pisses me off most about him.

3 weeks and he’s out


Interesting stats on Bears passing offense while Trufant was in the game and after he was out.

Trubisky can say what he wants but,

The Trufant point is interesting. But I don’t think the two things are mutually exclusive.

Perhaps when you’re down to the final cornerbacks on your roster, you don’t leave them on islands in man coverage at the end of the game, against a team that’s down and flingin’ it to try to come back . Perhaps you mix in some zones and blitzes. Against a shitty QB who is only effective against you when you play man and rush four.

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Excellent point. If the starters were all in there I think they don’t play man, going to Trubisky’s comment and my point.

I also wonder how much playing time the backups got in a no preseason game season where communication and other issues come into play whereas they may not in man coverage.

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Against a QB like Mitch you don’t play man coverage when your up. You play cover 3 zone and force him into making passes underneath and eating up the clock. Force him into long drives where the odds he makes a mistake go way up. This is in the book “football 101” and our HC is reading from the book “football for dummies”.


That may be true on some level, but… really? I mean, even if these guys are practice squad caliber-talent, they’re professional football players, right? They’ve been playing defense for, what, a decade? Longer?

They should be able to handle basic zone concepts, and their coach should be able to prepare them to do that, even on short notice. If your backup CBs really are only capable of playing man coverage, that sounds like a coaching and personnel problem that a professional football team should not be dealing with.

In college and the NFL, man coverage is the hardest and least common thing you would ask a corner to do.

It’s not something that corners are commonly asked to do.

So if there was less preparation time leading up to this game, man should have been the last thing we called.

Ask any DB from HS to the Pros and they all will tell you that it’s far easier to play zone than man.

The Lions play more man coverages than most but it’s still less than we play zone concepts.

In fact up until that point in the game we had played far more zone and it was working.

Why switch and put your backups on an island like that. MP outsmarted himself.

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Yep. zone forces things underneath, and makes them chew clock instead. man it’s just too easy to get someone over the top, which happened.

Thanks for the responses on zone vs man, good info.

You all don’t understand! Patricia is one of the smartest coaches in the NFL! He is responsible for one of the greatest defensive calls in the history of the league!!! How dare dare you question him!!!