True Or False: Mobile QBs are the future of the NFL

I feel like this has been a thing since my young days when Steve Young was my favorite QB, and I know that it was probably a theory well before that.

But, with the rules being what they are in today’s game, is it finally coming true?

  • Yes
  • No
  • It’ll always be a combo of pocket passers & mobile QBs
  • Who cares? The NFL sucks!

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Mobile QBs are like running backs, most of them will have short careers or will have to adjust to being a pocket passer. You can’t take that many hits without injuries piling up over time. But if you can get a new one every 4-5 years, then why not.


It starts at the lower ranks and teams are finally letting young athletic kids stay at QB and throw the football alot. They are also letting shorter kids stay at QB as well.


The thing is, you can be a pocket passer that has mobility. That is where we are for the most part. Some older statues like Brees, Brady and Stafford are still hanging around, but they are sitting ducks. The only reason Brady is still alive is because he gets rid of the ball so quickly. Dude has his arm cocked back as the ball is snapped it seems like.

I consider guys like Rodgers and Wilson “mobile”, or at least Rodgers was for the better part of his career. Every team should want a mobile QB going forward. Guys like Stafford are a dying breed. The rocket arm is key for him, because without it, he would be useless in today’s NFL. You have to be able to buy time and pose a touch of a running threat.


Look at last years darling this year

Lamar is tremendous. Spread option is tough to defend. But In college, w 90 scholarships you carry 4 QBs at least and reload QBs every year

In the NFL you cant afford to have your franchise QB getting blown up every other year

RG3 was tremendous his first year. Mahomes was tremendous last year and diminished this year

I won’t be surprised if Lamar gets seriously hurt before too long in his career

Running QBs are a great weapon until they get hurt


I wouldn’t say Mahomes diminished.
He’s on pace to throw less INTs than a year ago and has roughly the same rating.

I DO however agree with you.
If you can’t throw the ball with the rest of them, you’re done sooner rather than later.

Although Jackson has been throwing dimes all year. Dudes got an arm thats for sure.

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I agree for the most part. But I think there’s a difference between mobile and a running QB. I would consider Rodgers a mobile QB, R Wilson too. But those guys have the pocket presence and arm strength to not have to rely on tucking and running. Their mobility though makes it that much harder to defend

Mahomes, Wentz, Prescott, Murray, Watson…all these guys would be considered dual threat

Elusive QBs, not running QBs are what’s most valuable


One thing I love about having a guy who is a real threat to run (like Wilson) is it helps the run game. The backside defenders can’t crash down and chase down the plays from behind, because they have to honor Wilson taking the ball out and running with it.


I agree - Fran Tarkenton was one of the most elusive QB’s I have ever seen. I swear on some plays it seemed he made all 11 defenders miss him at least once. As a lions fan it was pretty frustrating. But Tarkenton almost always found a way to hit the pass or get out of bounds safely after making something out of nothing. Very seldom did he take hits and he never left the pocket unless his protection broke down. He was not a running QB at all but extremely elusive and it put a lot of extra pressure on the defense to play disciplined and stay home when you were supposed too.

I agree. Like ARog…guys that buy time to throw

What’s crazy is that Rodgers is one of the most deceptively fast guys I’ve ever seen on a football field. When he was a little bit younger I’d see him easily outrun guys he had no business outrunning, all while flailing around and not looking like he was even running that fast.

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Lamar is fun to watch as a QB. He’s a very good QB. He sees what’s going on out there and is making good throws.

I like that he is mobile and can cause hesitation in the defense.

I don’t like seeing him taking shots on runs. RGIII was all the hype right up until his 1st injury occurred on a hit similar to what Jackson submits himself to. Eat it up while he’s fun to watch. It’ll be short-lived if they keep going to that well, IMO.

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That is exactly where I am coming from and why I don’t think the read option with the QB running a lot is really the future of the NFL…it is hard enough for a team to get a franchise QB. Don’t want him taking a beating every game and if a guy’s best weapon is his legs…well, he is living on borrowed time

Yep. To be a QB, you still have to have what it takes between the ears. When you find one that does, try not to get him killed. LOL

And Lamar is making very good decisions and throws when he does pass the ball. He is playing the pocket part of the game very well too but most don’t notice because he is so electric when he runs.


A mobile QB adds an extra dimension to your offense. Guys that can run and throw well are kinda scarce though.

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The key for Jackson will be how he responds when they are down in a game and can’t focus on running the ball (as a team).

Can he make the throws downfield when he has to?

Having said that, I think he’s fully capable.

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There is a lot of truth to this. He looks invincible right now but they’ve been playing close or with the lead.

Maybe the trend should be to have a really mobile backup and put plays in for him. A few teams do that. It just makes teams prepare for more things on defense and adds a dimension on offense.

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