True Or False: Mobile QBs are the future of the NFL

Humans are getting bigger, stronger, faster, etc. As the population of the world goes up, there is more of a talent pool to draw from, as well. Thing is, as QB humans get bigger stronger & faster, so do defenders.

Jim Brown was playing agains LBs my size. If he played today, he’d be a good starter, but not what you saw back in his day. Conversely, Barry would have run for 400 yards/game if he faced he same talent as Jim Brown.

Power backs have injury shortened careers. Bettis is one of the last one I can remember that didn’t have a super-short career. I can’t believe that Gore and Adrian Peterson have done, in terms of hard miles and longevity. Almost no players hold up to that sort of beating, these days…especiqally QBs. Time will tell, if Jackson holds up. He’s looking great, so far.

Even Cam Newton, who is bigger than the LBs, has slowed because of the beating he’s taking. There are exceptions.

Now a days, I think the game most certainly favors mobile QBs. You can’t tackle a QB or any offensive player without drawing a flag anymore. Defenders are being trained not to hit the QB below the knee or the head but to lead with the shoulder pads. QBs are not taking vicious hits like they used to.

Hell, a runner that lowers his head and gets tackled my a defender that lowers his head is a flag (helmet to helmet). Some of these rules are becoming really crazy.