Trump Family Is Taking 12X More Trips Than The Obamas

This really has nothing to do with politics
But the difference is pretty stark
Did the Obamas spend too much time holed up in the Whitehouse?
Are the Trumps going on too many boondoggles?
I think it does speak indirectly to character …

Donald Trump Jr. traveled to Mongolia, met the country’s president and shot an endangered Argali mountain sheep while hunting on a trip that cost U.S. taxpayers more than $75,000. A member of his staff told CNN that last August’s trip was privately paid for but Secret Service security resulted in a hefty bill. As the president’s son, Trump Jr. is permitted to avail of Secret Service protection, though it is not a requirement.

According to research from the Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), Trump’s family is taking more than 1,000 protected trips per year and Secret Service finances are being drained as a result. In fact, Trump’s family are now traveling 12 times more than the Obamas. CREW states that in the last fiscal year, Trump’s family took more trips that required Secret Service protection than the Obama family did in seven years. While the total taxpayer bill for all of those trips remains unknown, it is thought to be tens of millions of dollars.

No politics please.

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