Trump IG pushes back against whistleblower's info being secondhand or hearsay

Really? You should think on that for a minute.

I thought on it when I wrote it.

You wouldn’t know the definition of “narcissist”, would you?
Asking for a friend.

Are you suggesting I call people traitors? If so you are barking up the wrong tree.

Can you admit that Obama spying on Trump was illegal?

I don’t know the answer to that question at this point. Is this part of your “traitor” argument? Just trying to connect the dots you are throwing out here.

Half of your Trump opinion is formed on the cherade that went on the last 3 years. Apparently, you believed that rose to high crimes on Trump’s part. Like, it’s criminal to defend yourself from criminals!

What are you referring to? What do I believe rose to high crimes on Trump’s part?

You wanted Trump impeached before Ukraine, right?
You think investigating a possible crime committed by a presidential candidate is a high crime, right?
Your favorite candidate (a Democrat) says your rival party (the Democrats)is corrupt. You don’t believe her?

No, that is not true. I saw no evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians. I do believe he obstructed justice in that investigation but said I did not support impeachment even for that. I thought censure was fair.

But, investigating previous abuse of power by a Presidential candidate is a high crime !

Who’s my favorite candidate? I don’t know who you are referring to or what you are talking about with the second part.

I thought you said Gabbard was your choice a few days ago? Maybe I’m mistaken?

No, that wasn’t me. I don’t support Gabbard. I think she’s a fine person, but I don’t share her views of the world. We could do far worse, but she’s not someone I’d vote for.

If you are referencing her fight with the DNC, I both agree and disagree with Gabbard. I’m for full access for candidates, but at the same time I accept that political parties have to have some form of criteria met. Otherwise my neighbor could be one of 10,000 people on that debate stage. What that criteria is is where I both agree and disagree with her. What that criteria is can be manipulated to favor one candidate over another. That I’m against.

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No, that’s not an abuse of power. The Justice Department is doing that as we speak. Using aid for leverage to get a foreign power to investigate, at the time, your clear top political rival is a problem. I hope you see the difference in the two. I have no issue with the justice department, IG, special counsel, whatever looking into what you are referencing.

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I said I could vote for Tulsi, but they aren’t going to let her get to the general.

I do see the difference. Do you see any similarities with Obama spying on the Trump campaign using a faked document.
At this point, Id be thrilled to throw every single politician in prison for ten years and ban them from American politics for life. They are all co-conspirators in the divide and conquer political atmosphere, in which politicians and the rich get richer and the average Joe gets stuck with the bill, with no oversight!
The two party system is broken beyond repair.
The biggest segment of society, Independents, live in country with no real political representation, and the left and right would love nothing more than to exclude us completely.
The Democrats already don’t want us to be allowed to vote in “their” primary, but, can’t figure out why we are pissed at them.

Obama never spied on Trump, get off the crazy following mentality.

Then, why did they give a fraudulent dosier to the FICA court?