Trumping over Trump

Quintricia feels like the two guys at the party who I didn’t that they’ve never lost a euchre match as partners, ever. After begging a unsuspecting pair to play them, they trump over each other until they lose in 6-7 hands.

Quinn didn’t want a mere 2nd rounder. He wasn’t losing his bromance with Jeff for a 2nd. If anyone thinks the Phins called our bluff you are crazy. We wanted 2 firsts. Guaranteed!!! The phone knew nobody could offer that, nobody else would, and they likely offered 5 and 39.

They were taking Tua clearly. As the team negotiating with them, we should have known that. An early 2nd is Ruiz, Taylor, Blacklock, J Johnson, is a starter day one.

At worst D Brown or Simmons and Taylor vs Okudah. More likely… Taylor and Okudah vs Okudah

KLvon Chaisson
J Taylor
J Jefferson
AJ Epensa
D Swift

There are 5 guys I’d take all day to take the sting away.