Trump's children take in millions overseas as president slams Biden's son


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Or this one …

So… wouldn’t it have been hypocrisy for Biden to champion the Russia Hoax for 3 years while his son was making 50K a month to buy access to the WH?? I’m just calling balls and strikes here. Not going the chicken was innocent… but the EGG whoa…

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You aren’t calling balls and strikes. You just referred to the investigation as a “Russia hoax,” which means you’re just parroting Trump.

Trump’s business is international, and always has been.
Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, and Romney’s business is POLITICS and always has been!
Why is that so hard?
Hell, Romney is second generation politician!

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Romney’s business has always been business.

I knew as soon as I said it somebody would go back twenty years.
You’re right, about Romney…if you so must.

When the news is too fake for CNN/MSNBC and it’s anti-Trump that should tell you something about it. They would report on him jaywalking and suggest impeachment.

Your narrative just doesn’t fit. Biden? That’s a career politician. Bill Clinton? Career politician. Mitt Romney? No.

I already conceded that, didn’t I?

…If you so did

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Now, that’s funny.:rofl:

Mueller found no evidence of a quid pro quo with Russia to influence the 2016 election on his behalf. Comey and then Rosenstein KNEW the Steele Dossier was full of bullshit, yet they passed it through a FISA judge as “verified” anyway, which they likely will be paying for. Yes it was a freaking hoax. If it’s true, it’s a strike and I’m calling it. What else would you say it was?? Fair and real?? Pissing hookers on a bed in front of Trump in a Moscow hotel room?? H-O-A-X. Meanwhile the administration let it play out anyway knowing it was BS (perhaps costing the GOP the House and handing the Judiciary committee, how convenient to the same Dems pushing the hoax as real). Biden gets questioned ONCE and its nastigram time to the NY Times. THERE is your hypocrisy.

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