Trumps impeachment map

Oh, like Breitbart?? Or your personal favorite new source, The National Review??? :rofl::joy:

Let me guess, you have Infowars bumper stickers on your toolbox at work…

And I previously thought your football takes were really weak. Phew…

RT News is LITERALLY Russian state-sponsored propaganda FUNDED BY THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT.

So no…not kind of like that…

Literally, all Pdono knows and posts is propaganda. It’s kind of his jam. He’s probably got a social media timeline full of The Gateway Pundit shit.

That’s funny. Your ignorance on many topics cuts a wide swath.

In late October of 2016, every poll (including Fox) had Trump losing by double digits.
Polls are a fiction. Just another way of telling you what you should think.

This prediction from the NY Times on November 8th 2016 is comedy gold.
This is almost as good as something the Russian Times might post. Am I right?

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His competition isn’t congress.