Trusting Science: Pandemic and Global Warming

We’re #1!! And it’s pretty clear that we as a country have been slow to respond to COVID-19. I maintain that at the core of this is a shortchanging of science at best and a disbelief in science at worst. Now, mostly everyone is paying attention to 19 and we as a country are scrambling to make the best of it like Stafford behind our O line has for years. It is what it is.

So my off-topic question is:

Will our country’s obvious early error in dismissing/ignoring the science of this contagion make us more likely to buy into the science of global warming?

Both are worldwide “diseases”, with the speed of the approaching problem being the major difference. Will we as a country pay more attention to scientific consensus in the wake of this pandemic? Or maybe the scientific community just got lucky with their pandemic models this time…

You’re at the wrong place, these people believe that there was no “obvious early error”, and even if there was, it’s China’s fault.


Given the heavy death rates in the 30 to 50 degree of latitude band, and the lower rates in these other bands of either higher heat or lower humidity,

Clearly We Need More Global Warming to Halt This Virus!

With oil crazy cheap, we should go out and just drive our cars around all day long. Socially distanced, economically stimulating and Doing Our Part to halt the Virus!

24 Hours of Le Mans, EVERYWHERE!

Definitely should listen to the Government Scientists though, as they assured us that Masks Aren’t A Good Idea and Aren’t Effective!


Global warming is the same as debating Matt as an elite QB

Global warming is a natural phenomenon- period. Science shows is that it is thru recurring ice ages that have warming trends in between.

Does humanity play some small role in this epochal recurrence? Of course. But we, humanity and the stupid scientists with their egos, think it’s bigger than it really is…

Dude, 39 days and it’s repairing itself … so much for a lasting impact of a 2000 ur old civilization

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You mean the scientists at the WHO?


The discussion should be on climate change not global warming. It’s a multifaceted issue and it’s not a hoax.


There’s a difference between science and the policy opinions of medical and public health professionals.

There’s precious little science around this because it’s so new and fast-moving. The ramifications are so great that practicing pure science seems too slow. We’re doing a lot of extrapolations from a fairly small amount of data.

One of the real issues with information during this crisis is that the medical and public health professions attract people who are extremely risk-averse. They almost always feel it’s best to err on the “safe side”. So much so, that they often add safety factor on top of safety factor to any advice or projections.

Take that, and then multiply it with the media hysteria and political interests, and it becomes exceedingly difficult to have much factual basis for discussion.

To wit, people have been shitting their pants and claiming that the US needs to clamp down even further on individuals’ movements and the economy based on this chart:

Of course, it’s never accompanied by this chart. Maybe we’re seeing a spike in cases because our testing ramped up at such an incredible pace? At this point, the correlation is between number of tests and number of cases.

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Testing ramp has to be part of it. That’s a terrifying graph nonetheless

And of course the blanket reminder that China’s numbers were a gigantic ball of crap and have been guesstimated at anywhere between 3x and 10x their published horseshit

If think it may be more than 10x. That Chinese American LA Times reporter that was tracking urn shipments said there were something like 42-45k extra urns shipped to Hubei Province during the period compared to prior years.

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Climate change has been going on since the beginning of time. Just by studying geology or even tree rings, a person can see how the climate has changed over time. The climate isn’t going to stay exactly the same over the course of centuries. A lot of the ruins that are being discovered just off the coast of places like India and Japan point to lower ocean levels in the last few thousand years.
I personally believe that humans are also having an effect on climate change, but the problem is that many politicians (I know, all of them) are using the platform of climate change for unethical means. Carbon taxes are just a way to steal more money from people. If they really wanted to stop the greenhouse gases, they could do a lot more than they are doing. Just by cutting off trade to China would help a great deal; they are easily the leaders in pollution, greenhouse gases, and all other sorts of nasty things that shouldn’t go in the environment. The sad thing is that most of the politicians that talk about climate change and how it must be stopped are also the same ones that bend over backwards to please China and will not criticize their environmental destruction. If a person can use climate change for political gain…they will in many cases. Look at all the money that was given away in the last coronavirus stimulus bill. About a trillion of it went to “pork.” Talk about using a crisis to enact a huge nonessential spending spree.

I also think that most people don’t disbelieve the science, but it isn’t a big priority in their life. Out of sight, out of mind. Also, how many people care about all the plastic that is floating around in the oceans?


Now the plastic levels are imo a different beast - that shits proven data …

I wish we just build disposable, one way rockets ships and point them towards the Sun

So I’m guessing the short answer to my question is “no”. There are always different view points and values about what to do at any given time, but we as a nation will probably resist action like Missourians in “show me” mode until the consequences of Climate Change are impossible to avoid. Because of course who could have known? If the science is ignored anyway…

(I concede that a lot of decisions still need to be made as a nation after science weighs in on any topic.)

On a related note, in January Netflix premiered a series called “Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak”. It was filmed during the 2018/2019 flu season and spliced with footage ranging from 1918 to the Ebola crisis. It’s eerie how perfectly its message overlays our current reality.