Tua arrives at combine walks in looking pretty good

Here’s an actual video of Tua arriving at the Combine.

He’s looking pretty good. I hope this helps to boost his draft stock.

Looks like he might still have a very slight limp?

He’s got a limp…total bust.


It’s odd bc he doesn’t look like he’s limping at all until half way through. Then I’m not sure if it’s a limp or just an awkward step or 2.

Swag maybe? … lol

I kinda thought that he was trying hard not to limp.

So he was antilimping?! :crazy_face:

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On the AVN front I saw it reported that so far there’s no signs of it.

Sounds to me that Miami should mortgage their future and trade all there draft picks to DET then can move up and draft him.

Are you listening MIA?


Funny, Jeremiah just said “Lions have the keys to this draft”.

Also interesting this morning…

You know how excited Quinn is for guys over 6’5" and 300 lbs that can move.

I started a thread on Becton a while back. Long before his stock rose into round one. I like the kid a lot but if your drafting him top 10 than your doing it on potential alone.

I could see us staying at 3. Turning down trade offers and drafting an OT. That would be a BQ move all day.

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If the Lions ‘WANT’ Chase Young, he’ll be there at 3…the question is, will the Lions take him? Or trade out of the pick??

I doubt Young is available at 3 but if he is they should draft him. Unless someone offers more than two first rounders.

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OT Lucas Niang
10 4/8
34 2/8
83 1/8

Had hip surgery to end his season at TCU and will fall in a loaded class. Wish we had some extra picks in the 3rd and 4th.

Going to be a full go?

That is just to keep Cinci from drafting him. Haha

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I wish the kid well , he states he should be clear to start training without restriction 3/9 if all goes as planned (Running, cutting etc) Nothing is more important to the #3 pick than a Tua that shows well before the draft . Lets hope he has no set backs in his rehab between the 3/9 and the draft as that would be our luck .

Agreed the more buzz he can create the better it is for the Lions.

If he can get healthy and convince Mia, CAR or SD of that then BQ should field some good offers.

Fingers crossed!

He plans to play?

Ha I wonder if Omar realizes he typed 2019 and not 2020?

Omar Kelly is a Miami fan boy …Tua himself today said this in response to playing or sitting

“As a competitor, I want to be able to play,” Tagovailoa said. “But you look at a lot of the guys that are really good, a lot of the greats, they’ve been mentored by big-time quarterbacks and veteran quarterbacks.

“If a team needs me to go out there and start for them, I’ll do that. But if they need me to sit behind someone and learn from them, I can’t see what’s wrong with that as well.”

See Omar Kelly below drooling


Omar looks to have been shot by cupid’s arrow in that video!