Tua Expected to be healthy by April

Whoa this is great news for the Lions. If true trade possibilities will be abundant.

The best thing for the Lions is a clear frontrunner between Tua and Herbert, otherwise Miami just takes who they want and SD gets who is left. A 3rd team would really set things off, maybe Jaxsonville. Miami has the ammo to win any competition trading up and has the safest pick for the Lions to move down to. The key for the Lions is do they prefer Brown, Okudah, Epenesa, Jeudy or Simmons? If they see 3 of these guys being equal it opens things up. There are a lot of combinations that could really improve the Lions Defense and potentially Offense if Jeudy was the pick. We just want every QB to look good!

I think Indy could be in the hunt to trade up. They need a QB and they have the ammo too.

A healthy Tua could challenge for the top pick. But due to his injury I doubt that.

We don’t make any trade though until draft day because any team trading up with us for a QB would worry that a team could then leapfrog them and trade into #2 with Washington.

Agreed … Very unlikely to see a NYJ style early trade up.

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Tua expected to throw per his agent …
Healthy for a human . Fully recovered meaning he can walk like everyone else.

No one is questioning his arm , if he had is Arm snapped in November with a plate holding it together now for the rest of his life and a rod that limits his shoulder rotation …and he lights it up in throwing drills and looks like TUA pre injury this would be meaningful event .

This is the rare case and situation for a QB when the combine testing and not the throwing session … would answer a ton more questions, the jump , vertical , 40, 3 cone etc …even with the combine none of this would answer how will it hold up , or if any permanent damage has taken place his injury can evolve and the answers not available , and not for a long time .

I hope to God he shows well and a team wants up like Miami , but I do not think it will be for Tua .

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While Indy has some ammo, I think the only teams that have the picks, not including future picks, to get to #3 are Miami, Jacksonville and Las Vegas. Carolina could be in play as a second trade down, say #5 to #7, otherwise I don’t see a trade partner i would move out of #3 for. Dropping to #13, Indy would have to give up thwir 2 2nds, 3rd and at a min a 2nd next year, leaving them with with 1 pick in the first 3 rounds.
Most logical trade partner still seems to be Miami.

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Carolina w/o Keuchly and in the last year of Cam Newton’s deal maybe very interested in a cheap quarterback for a teardown / reset.

The # 3 is worth 2200 Points. More than likely they will get more than 2200 points in value however.

Here’s what INDY has for Ammo:

#13 is worth 1150
#34 is 560
#44 is 460
#75 is 215
#112 is 70
#142 is 35
#171 is 23
#204 is 9.8

Indy could easily trade 13, 34, and 44 this year and a second and 5th from next year. That would be a plus value for the Lions. Or they could do their first and two 2nds this year and a 3rd round pick next year to get there as well.

Indy has the ammo. It’s not out of the possibilities.

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Understood. However, with the historical premium paid to move up to #3, seems like Indy would be giving up an awful lot. So while a possiblity, I personally see it as unlikely, although stranger things have happened. Just an opinion.

To be honest, I’m not sure here …
Has any player ever played in the NFL after a full Hip Dislocation accompanied by a fractured hip that required surgery and reconstruction ? Or any of the major sports NBA, NHL or MLB ?

Marvin Jones LB of the Jets had what was is known as a Avulsion fracture (Hip Chip fracture) but this requires no reconstruction and most times no surgical intervention as it didn’t for him.

I’m pretty sure Tua would be the first player to do so, when and I guess if, he returns to the field .

I agree it’s unlikely. Also BQ doesn’t seem to like trading down. He had offers last year but stood put.

I would like to have know what the trade offer was. I am assuming it came from the Steelers as they were in love with Devin Bush and rightfully so. I decided to investigate a little on that trade that the Steelers did make with the Broncos (who originally picked at #10).

When it was all said and done because one of the picks Denver got from the Steelers (#53 OA) they ultimately traded to move up in the second round.

Steelers got:
Devin Bush, LB

Steelers gave up:
#20 2019 draft
#53 2019 draft
#83 2020 draft (3rd round)

Denver got:
Noah Fant, TE (#20 2019)
Drew Lock, QB (#42 2019)
#83 2020 draft

Denver gave up:
#10 OA 2019
#52 OA 2019
#125 OA 2019
#182 OA 2019

Of course at the surface and after one season this looks like a win for both teams. I think Bush will be a star for the Steelers. Fant and Lock could be good for the Broncos as well.

Now if this was the offer to trade down to #20 from #8. Probably not, I think the Lions were probably offered less and then after two picks the Steelers got desperate.

I think the Lions would be stupid not to go fully out and commit publicly that they are really considering drafting Tua even if they have no intention of doing so. Maybe some team will get desperate and give some goods. But I would hate to make a trade just to pick up an extra 3rd rounder or something.

Disclaimer: I’m not a Doctor so I’m going purely off speculation and what I’ve read.

But …

The procedure he undertook was to repair a fractured hip socket when his hip dislocated. From day one his prognosis has been labeled as excellent. From what I’ve read they prognosis is good because it was a slow impact injury. The leg forced the hip out of socket causing a small chip (fracture) of the socket wall. So keep in mind this wasn’t a high impact explosive fracture. Just a low impact chip. I know they consulted the top surgeons in the country on this too. The Dr’s appear very optimistic. So I’ll take their side. But I’ll caution also. I’ve had a few surgeries myself, way too many and had my playing career ended with an injury. Doctors told me that genes are more important than anything when it comes to recovery. Players with exceptional genes can overcome some massive injuries while those with poor genes can’t. See Bo Jackson I guess

He wouldn’t be the first to have this injury. It’s a low percentage injury. I read That only 1percent of injuries are like this one. He wouldn’t be the first QB either to have a fracture that required extensive surgery. See Teddy Bridgewater. There have been some really bad cases of injuries that players have overcame. Drew Brees had a torn labrum and partially torn rotator cuff in his throwing shoulder in 2005. The Chargers and most NFL teams thought this would end his career. I know it’s not the same but I think it adds merit.

I read articles that this is the exact same injury as Bo Jackson’s and other articles that say it’s not the exact same. But in Bo’s case the surgery was successful but he suffered from Avascular necrosis or AVN in the aftermath of his dislocation and fracture. This could still happen to Tua.

Some of the articles I read make his injury seem like it’s rare but no big deal. Some players who get this exact injury never even required surgery. Tua chose surgery to increase his chances of I’d success. Surgery wasn’t necessary.

Other articles I’ve read make this injury seem like it was the end of his career and a very extensive surgery. So who really knows. All these articles are speculating but none of them saw his xrays.

But … I think we should go off what his actual doctor is saying. The prognosis is good and they are expecting a full recovery. Unless he develops AVN but his doctors seem pretty positive about it.

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I recall reading that we turned down multiple trade offers. I remember one was PIT and one was ATL. I also recall that PIT stated they had offered more to DET than they did to DEN because they didn’t think Bush would make it to 10. I don’t think we will ever know exactly what was offered.

Here’s an article about

Then I can’t really believe anything nor use it against the Lions. As it is speculation at best.

Exactly. Without knowing if the offers were weak.

Do you understand how multiple Hockenson has made our offense. His blocking prowess, great hands, good route runner, not a premium position, but if you can draft a Hall of Famer, the next Kellen Winslow/Shannon Sharpe/Tony Gonzalez (not HOF yet), at pick 8 you have to do it.

I still think the Dolphins trade up with Redskins the Redskins for their QB. They have plenty of ammo.

Just read a story that they are rumored to be willing to trade up to #2OA to get him.

That would leave Young at #3OA