Tua Expected to be healthy by April

Let’s make it clear that BQ was not drafting a HofF player.

Every single player drafted has that potential. No matter where they are drafted. People made the same argument for EE.

So far TJ hasn’t even yet proven to be the best TE in his class and we’re crowing him a HofF player?

To get the level of production that we got from TJ we didn’t need to do so in the top 10 of the draft. That is why very few GM’s will ever draft a TE that early. Is a big no no.

No matter what there will always be better value in the top ten than you will ever get from a TE. I honestly do not understand why posters don’t understand this simple concept.

Wrath-SRT and I have been saying that since the end of the season.

If they like someone enough to move up to 3 they like him enough to move up to number 2. If it’s number two it can happen well before the draft and there is no risk.

I think if the rumors of their affection for Tua pre injury are true, and if Tua gets a clean bill of health then they make the move.

On one hand it’s really hard to get folks to games in South Florida and Tua is a story.

On the other, Washington needs a ton and has no second round pick.

It just makes a ton of sense. Tua just has to prove to a Miami that he’s okay


The offers were reported to be good offers and we know Pit offered us more than they offered Denver.

I honestly believe we could have traded down with ATL and still got TJ. ATL reportedly offered more than a single 2nd round pick.

I didn’t want to trade down. I wanted Ed Oliver.

My hope was that Patricia being a rocket scientist and supposed defensive genius could figure out ways to make him a chess piece on defense.

Naturally I’ve since come to realize that rocket science is different than football.

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Preaching to the choir, I was being facetious., should have inserted an emoji :joy: to clarify. These we’re the arguments people gave me last year when I was bitching. I hated the pick, still do. 8 is too high to draft a TE ever, period. If you are drafting in the top 10, remove any player that is not an every down player on either offense or defense, then remove the 5 or so lowest paid positions, that way if you hit you are getting a discount on that player on their rookie contract. So, top 10 no OCs, TEs ever, OGs, RBs, LBs and Safeties rarely, DTs, WRs and CBs they better be special, but acceptable, QB, OT, DE should be what your looking for. And LBs that are edge rushers a la Josh Allen are lumped in with the DEs. There are obviously exceptions to these, save TEs and OCs.


That’s best case possible for Detroit. The key will be if Washington falls in love with an LT and they can target them at 5. Or if Wash values Chase Young too much then the Lions are in a prime spot to trade down and get Okudah, an LT (not my favorite pick but positional value), Simmons or Brown. At that point I’d rather trade back again if we can and take Simmons.

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Nobody is dumb enough to believe the Lions would move on from Stafford for a kid that is never going to be as good as Stafford. Feeding the ignorance of many fans only exacerbates the issues. Letting people know you want to move down is all you need to do. The rest will take care of itself.

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