Tua in trouble?

I am going just leave this here. I was never in favor of taking the kid. My reasons had nothing to do with his talent or his injury and everything to do with number 9.

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They’ll get over themselves, Flores has as good a control over his locker room as any coach in the league. He’s the opposite of Patricia in that way.

And while Tua wasn’t great, you can say the same about lots and lots and lots of rookie QBs, many of whom went on to be studs. Also, let’s see how he improves physically two years removed from that injury. Still a ton of upside, IMO.


lol, 1 season, eh? Doesn’t Miami know it takes 13 seasons to know for sure?

Jokes aside, I could tell Miami played harder when Fitz was under center. They just seemed to respond to him more.

Goes to show how the QB’s personality and leadership off the field is just as important as his abilities on it. It’s clear the Lions roster likes Stafford and plays hard for him. Another reason why I think the Lions should not take a QB high this year. As much as I’d love to move on from Stafford I don’t think they can get anyone better right now. Might as well stick with him during the reorg until a better opportunity presents itself.


very true, however, it would be disingenuous to not talk about this. Anytime he played well or Herbert played well this year there was a “we could have drafted ________” thread.

I have listened to a few different podcasts that at least at this juncture there is some very real concern about Tua and he is scared shitless to throw downfield ala Joey Harrington.


He threw downfield plenty at Alabama, he’ll adjust once he becomes more confident in his hip and more used to the speed of the game. Hell he used to run around looking to extend the play so he could throw it deeper. He might have over-adjusted to the league, but I don’t think it’s anything inherent.

I was for drafting Tua - but for the sole purpose of forcing Miami or LA’s hands in a trade. In hindsight it would have worked too, but it would have taken balls the likes of which Quinn didn’t have. Of course you have to be OK being stuck with the guy you picked in case it backfires, and in this case I was. But I thought that was worst case scenario.


Tua was a distant 3rd in that QB class on my list… Herbert, Burrow, Tua… Never understood the fascination with that kid, great competitor and confidence, average talent IMO


True and very possible but college isn’t the NFL. And if people in the NFL are saying there is real concern about Tua and then it is worth noting even if it is something he could eventually adjust to.

It doesn’t take balls to do that. It’s a poor strategic move, if it was something worth doing it would have been done already.

Alabama QB’s are very difficult to evaluate because they are surrounded with nfl talent at Bama. They have an outstanding running game and a dominating o-line. Most QB’s look good when you have those 2 things on offense.

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Miami managed Tua extremely well this season if you look at it from the 10k ft view.

They got him significant playing time. In meaningful games. Got him through the season without him damaging the hip any. All while being in the playoff chase themselves the entire time.

Herbert was not coming off that injury. Different team, different concerns and goals for the season.

Next season is a big season for Tua.

Would I be shocked if they took another qb, not really. Teams always look to upgrade. The hip still has to sit in the back of their minds a bit as well.

Not if you are ok with the QB if the trade fails. It has been done before sorta. Chargers knew Eli did not want to be drafted by them and did it anyway, then made the trade with NYG. We needed to call Miami’s bluff and didn’t have the nads to do so. Worked out for them and we got Okudah and that’s it. I was ok not taking the chance, because I’m a big fan of continuing on w Stafford, but it would not have been a terrible thing to do either. We’ll never know if we could have ended up with Okudah AND another 1st round pick. Even if we could have gotten their 2nd or 3rd. We could have added the DT we have sorely missed in addition to everything else we did.

Drafting Devonta Smith will help


I considered that actual trade and figured someone might bring it up, however, that was not the same thing. The premise that i was responding to is to take a qb and FORCE a team to trade for him, hold them hostage. New York was not FORCED to take Manning. It was a mutually beneficial trade where both teams could take it or leave it. If anything the chargers took a huge gamble.

“I never felt tremendous pressure that we had to get him because there were three quarterbacks that we had rated very high,” Accorsi told SB Nation.

“We had it Manning, [Ben] Roethlisberger, Rivers. We liked all of them — it’s just that was the way we had them rated. We didn’t think we could lose.”

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I think that’s a bit of revisionist history on his part.

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All available evidence suggests that’s the only kind allowed on this message board.

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Exactly the sort of balls I was talking about.

Offer our 2nd for him lol

yes, but your original premise is FORCING a team into a trade and the only reason that it was pulled off is because it was mutually beneficial and the Giants felt NO pressure and they were happy with any of the 3. So it was not balls it was stupid. It could have easily blown up in their face.

I’d be all for it if the Dolphins go QB in the first. I think they draft D. Smith and let Tua develop

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Which is why I intimated that you had to be willing to keep the player you drafted, and with Tua I was.

That was the worst case scenario though, and I firmly believe we could have gotten picks from one of Miami or LAC once there was only one QB left. You had to make the supply not meet the demand, and the only way for us to do that was to draft one of the QBs. Not stupid, risky. And different from the Rivers/Manning deal, we weren’t holding out for a QB but more picks, so there was no pressure on Miami or LAC to draft someone to trade with us.

Much easier to take this stance when you are a fan and your job doesn’t depend on it.

That is very apparent.