Tua is the Best Value at #3

The best value at #3 is to draft Tua. We then either trade him or Stafford for a high return. There are several teams that likely will be interested in Tua and hoping he falls, notably Miami, Carolina, and the Chargers. The best way to leverage the asset is to take Tua and look to ship him. If the price isn’t right for Tua, we can absolutely get a decent return (I’d expect something like a 1st and a 3rd round pick) for Stafford - he’s a really good quarterback on a manageable contract (especially once some of these extensions come in), and there are a few teams on the border of contention that he could take over the top.

There is some risk in the approach in that we might not find suitors willing to pay a high price, but the potential upside here is incredibly high.

Too bad our front office is cowardly and overly conservative. This won’t happen because we won’t want to offend Stafford, and it doesn’t entirely fit with the “win now” mandate that the Ford’s handed down. A smart organization would take this approach - unfortunately we don’t fit that description.

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Trade him after drafting him @ 3? There’s no value there at all, we won’t get close to the same compensation. Look at Josh Rosen for a perfect example… Drafted #10 and traded for #62 and a fifth… You don’t take someone that high and immediately try to trade him, it’s just silly.


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I’m not 100% opposed to drafting Tua, but if they did I hope they draft him to sit behind Stafford for at least one year, and if Stafford is lights out in 2020 then for as long as #9 is in Detroit.

Further, I’d like to see the kid not take any hits for at least a year, let his body heal up completely. The question is, is he a guy that can have an Aaron Rodgers type impact for DET in the future? If so, he may indeed be the best value at #3.

That said, they are under huge pressure to win in 2020, so I don’t see them drafting with the long term in mind. They’ll be looking for players that can come in and make an impact early, IMO.

So, win in 3-5 years?

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I agree 100 % ,. Stafford need protection , he need running back , he behind the scene don’t let us draft a decent back up qb. Now again don’t draft tua for Stafford? . Mahomes don’t need protection and a running back

Interesting how no one has ever done this before…but let’s not ruin the narrative that this play makes perfect sense and the lions are cowards and better organizations would pull this off.

Of course you do. How many burner accounts do you have?

Nah Fish, with the lions luck Tua destroys that hip in practice and the franchise tailspins for 8 years. :crazy_face: