Tua is Wilson .Burrow is Peyton Manning?

Do you agree with my judgement ?

Thou shalt not judge.

Colin Cowherd was saying Burrow’s upside is Tony Romo and floor is Nick Foles.

Hahahahaha …I would say a healthy pre injury Tua is a better prospect than Wilson was, not now.

Burrow’s is Peyton Manning …Absolutely not

Tua is not Wilson. Not before or after the injury. Tua is not an improv master and is only great when he has a clean pocket. He’s actually very poor when stepping up into the pocket when under pressure. He’s not nearly the athlete either. The comparison only comes up due to their similar stature and skin tone.

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Someone’s been listening to Valenti, gargling the balls on the Tua/Wilson connection. Just a taaaaaadd premature.

This is exactly correct. Where do people get these comparisons? Tua and Wilson are light years apart as far as playing style


One’s a lefty.

Burrow = a more athletic and accurate Matt Ryan

Tua = Mark Brunell though less athletic but more accurate. He’s always reminded me of Brunell quite a bit

Joe Burrow had a helluva season, but I am not as high as some on him.

I spent a hilarious 4 minutes listening to Dan lebatard show do a mock eulogy for Colin Cowherd today, mostly revolving around his 0 for 10 pick run in the playoffs this year.

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The best part was when they researched that if you put $100 down on the parlay of cowherd’s 10 picks and went against him every time you would have ended up with $70,000.

Cowherd is the closest national football commentary gets to Drew Sharp…

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I can’t stand Cowherd. But the big money in radio goes to the irritants so he’s merely a symptom rather than the cause of the problem


He’s the big boy version of Valenti. Say whatever it takes to get attention.

Manning never had nearly the escapability that Burrow has. I think the better comparison is Mahomes.

In spite of his blowhardisms, I like Cowherd. He’s entertaining. And Joy Taylor’s quite easy on the eyes, LOL

I haven’t watched the show much at all but Joy Taylor is quite pretty and does seem quite sweet as well.

I don’t think I’d mind Cowherd so much if his schtick wasn’t so Skip Bayless like. It’s continued to move more in that direction over time. That’s where the big money is though.