Tua posts video’s of him throwing passes and looks good

Tua keeps looking better and better leading up to the draft. I must say if this kid keeps looking good the Lions 3OA value keeps going up.

Make sure to watch all the videos he posted.

My gut and history tells me Tua will be great and the Lions will miss out…


Love the videos and should draw serious interest for a trade down . Which is, cool beans!

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Law of averages, bro! Lions are up for a Patriot/Steeler-type run! Mathew is plenty good enough, when surrounded by weapons. He’s got a 1/2 a decade in him still. He’ll retire after his 2nd SB win, and we will have a great structure in place to support our next QB.

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Honestly Given the history of the way QBs go and the number of teams that need one, I think Tua and Burrow go 1 and 2 and its a non issue. Either Washington trades down, or shocks a few people and takes Tua. Don’t put anything past Dan Snyder. The good news is that Young will be there. But will the Lions be smart enough to draft him? My gut tells me no.

Tua is going top 3. Book it Dano. Either the Redskins or the Lions are going to get a major haul. It’s going to be a lot more than people are projecting. Like 2 1’s…a 2…and a couple 3’s. Maybe even 3 1’s.

My gut says Washington is going to get a deal they can’t refuse and Chase Young will be a lion.

Hell someone could even jump up to 3 at that point to secure Herbert. Stranger things have happened. I could see QB 1/2/3.

The reality is that “right now” we are not looking for a starting QB , so I don’t see it as we’ll miss out has the backup QB been solved?

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Yes Chase Daniels signed a 3 year contract! Not the best but definitely serviceable!