Tua rated over burrow

If he is a generational talent , then we need to have a look . We can’t miss on players like p manning , luck, mahomes and Wilson

You either have to draft Chase Young, draft Tua, or trade the pick. Anything else is failure IMO.


Trade picks only if it’s mind blowing or stick to young or tua like you said . What did Chicago did with the line backer khalil Malik , no impact at all . Draft qb or de that matters


Tua has always been rated over Burrow. Your just now realizing this? He’s a far superior prospect and possibly the best QB prospect to come out since Manning. Unfortunately he’s injured and the Lions don’t need a QB.

I love Stafford and if Tua were healthy I’d be in the trade Stafford draft Tua corner (due to Staffords back concerns). Unfortunately Tua’s concerns are bigger than Staffords.

Hopefully Tua generates enough buzz to convince a team to trade up and take him.


This is good for us in multiple ways. We need the buzz on Tua to take off and the buzz on Burrow to stay steady.

The worst case in that scenario is that one falls to us and we net a big trade.

The best case, arguably, is that Chase Young falls to us.

But neither case is really very bad…


Yep …This is Gold Metal stuff here Bucky has an eye for QB Talent . Did he rank any #1 QB’s correct ?

Bucky had Dwayne Haskins rated above everyone in 2019 …2) Kyler Murray and 3) Drew Lock 4) Daniel Jones 5) Ryan Finley

Bucky had Josh Rosen rated ahead of everyone in 2018… 2)Sam Darnold, 3) Baker Mayfield, 4) Lamar Jackson & 5) Josh Allen

Bucky had 1) DeShone Kizer, rated ahead of everyone in 2017… 2)Deshaun Watson, 3)Mitch Trubisky, 4) Brad Kaaya & 5) Patrick Mahomes

Bucky had 1) Marcus Mariota 2) Jamis Winston 3) Sean Mannion 4) Brett Hundley 4) 5) Bryce Petty

Bucky had 1)Teddy Bridgewater , 2)Johhny Manzeil 3) Blake Bortles 4) AJ McCarron 5) Derek Carr

Buck had 1) Geno Smith 2) Matt Barkley 3) Mike Glennon 4) Tyler Wilson 5) E.J. Manuel

Bucky had 1) RGIII 2) Andrew Luck) 3) Brandon Weeden 4) Brock Osweller 5) Nick Foles 6) Kirk Cousins and 7) Russell Wilson


I agree!!! Bucky’s QB evals have been awful!

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Is Tua REALLY a generational player? Mahomes is, although no one really saw THIS good from him,. Mayfield was said to be by some. Murray is said to be. Watson was claimed to be when drafted. Cam was supposed to be. Seems to me we have these destined generational QB every year any more.

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Btw not saying burrows is better. I think both are awesome. QBs are difficult to predict and evaluate, at least for me, when going from college to pros. Very rarely do the "experts " get them right so I don’t buy into any of the fluff. We’ll know a few years or so down the road

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I mean, I certainly wouldn’t mind having a QB like this. These are guys you see in the playoffs or winning their division year after year, regardless of the talent around them. Just my opinion, but I don’t see that out of Stafford, despite his absolutely incredible physical abilities throwing the ball. I’d love to give Stafford more time, but it’s been 11 years now. I have to admit I’ve lost some confidence in him ever elevating the Lions to the level I’d like to see them at.


In your scenario, a generational talent means one person comes around once, every generation.
Your list contains at least three QB’s within one generation. Possibly four.


The good news is, the better Tua’s medicals look, the better odds we end up with either him or Chase Young.

I’ve maintain all along that - if Tua’s healthy, there are THREE game-changers in this Draft; and we need to get ONE.

Do NOT trade out of 3 with either of these two there.


Man, I’d love to land Tua or Young. Both of those guys can have a significant impact on the team.

I’m hoping for Tua, personally, but with Stafford’s contract being what it is, I just don’t see how it’ll be possible.

Looking over that article it feels like the Lions have needs at virtually every position group
We’ll know more after FA completed

If you listen to Bucky though, he explains it all comes down to who you like better in terms of QBs. Maybe not here, but in another podcast or something I heard.

He said Tua is somebody you are going to like better if you like a Drew Brees style of QB.

Then he said Burrow is a guy you are going to like if you like a Tony Romo style of QB.

Yep no brainer this year give me a haul in picks or im taking young or tua.

Tua is literally the last guy I would take . I draft any other top 32 player ahead of Tua . Give me Dobbins, Delpit, Simmons, anyone other than Tua .
Drafting Tua is the equivalent to changing your Motor Oil and having coolant poor out with the oil , ignoring it, putting new oil in and saying NAHHHHHHH… I do not have a head gasket leak, it will be fine . Tua will be fine because everything we touch turns to gold …after all we are the Lions it’s gravy.


First time we are getting an opportunity to get a generational qb like tua, I am not going take a guy like Khalil Mack and expecting to get same results like tua. Stafford was called as china doll by his own teammates and he proved he was durable after second year .When it comes to tua injury people freak out is silly and not understood :rofl:

You got a link to Lions players calling Stafford a china doll?
First time I’ve ever heard of anyone on his team calling him a china doll, just doesn’t seem like something a NFL player would do.