Tua T

Tua Tagovailoa has 5 passing TDs and 0 INTs in his first 3 starts.

That is tied for the 3rd most passing TDs in a QB’s first 3 starts without throwing an INT since 1950.

3-0 record. With all due respect… pretty cringey stuff having to listen to some of our great residents talk about what a great selection Okudah was… but that’s the great thing about sports. It’s a results based business and you can’t hide from reality. The Lions blew it. Again. And fans were doing cartwheels about taking a terrible player. Again.

Lions had an opportunity to change the entire franchise with one selection… and they took a scrub CB. Quinn doesn’t deserve to make another selection as GM.


Yet you’re saying you trust Quinn to build around Tua ?

Tua won’t be the last next great QB to come in the league. I’m still bummed lions didn’t draft minshew.

Yes Tiua will be in the HOF and Okudah is a bust.

Well your right that Quinn doesn’t deserve another pic. But calling Okaduh a bust is ridiculous this system has made probowlers look like bust, for those calming to so smart yet they don’t notice the lack of pass rush or the fact that not one defenseive player as looked good in this defense.

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15 of 25 for 169 yards

What a franchise changing stud!


A lot of the board geniuses we’re giving me grief for noting that Tua was winning his first start, when it turned out his stats weren’t so great in that game.

Would they like to advise and extend their remarks now?

I think New York Lion has had to shift from

“Tua may never play a down in the NFL”


“Tua certainly won’t be athletic with that type of injury”


“But his durability!”. :joy:


You do realize his stats weren’t that good in this game either, right? Seems like an odd time to gloat.

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QB Rating: 106.9.

But you’re right; he’s no Jeff Okudah.

If Stafford went 15 of 25 for 169 yards would you come on the board bragging about how awesome he is?


If he went 3-0? Sure.


Don’t bother Wes, he’s not going to see anything past the win and lose. Now he’s pounding his chest see everyone look at me I was right. Lols 3 games and they have him in the hall of fame.

Lols point made.

LOLs for sure.

The rot of this franchise runs deep into the fan base, and it’s on display weekly.

Not sure why so many of you love losing and make apologies for it. Stockholm Syndrome?

So unless you hate Stafford and think QB is the problem. You like losing ? Lols, not everyone misses the rest of the game.

This is new and different

What the hell is Lols?
Laughing out louds?!?!?
Laughing out loud sideways?

He’s quickly making me prepare a crow sandwich!

Good for him though!

I’d love a team where Stafford could go 15 of 25 for 169 yards and we still win.


Don’t forget to wash it down with this!

I kid, I kid.

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Stafford WAS. NOT. GOING. ANYWHERE. So QB was off our board. Period. Let it go. You want to make a case for OT, make it. You want to make a case for DT, make it. You want to make a case for Henderson over Okudah if we weren’t going to play him as a primarily press man corner, make it. THIS STAFF was NOT going to blow a 3OA pick on a guy who WOULD NOT PLAY a SNAP unless Stafford got hurt. If Stafford gets a career ending injury this season, then take your victory lap. Shy of that it simply did NOT make sense.

Tua MAY end up having a superior career than Stafford, but he has one hell of a long way to go to prove that. He had a devastating injury. He could be amazing for 2 years, and take a career ender and THAT was a major concern on Tua. Maybe not, but trying to rub Okudah over Tua in peoples faces on a team where he wouldn’t have seen any meaningful time this year is just lame. Yes we can trade Stafford NEXT year and not eat the 17 Million we would have this year. Perhaps if Quinntricia was in year one or two they would have considered that. But we can’t live in Bizzaro world. Quintricia needed to save their asses THIS SEASON and spending a 3OA pick on a guy who would not play was not going to happen. Has Okudah lit the world on fire? No he hasn’t. He has played infinitely more this season than Tua would have and it was a one year situation for this staff. They weren’t going to draft a player for the next regime and sir, neither would you if you were in their seats.