Tua Throwing Clip



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Feet look quicker than half the starting QBs in the league. I’m not saying he is back to 100%, and that was a very short clip, but dude is going to be a stud. I’m over worrying about his injury at this point. If Young is gone, you take him at #3.

If he is available at #3 the Lions have to take him.
The guy is going to be an All Pro regardless of where he plays.

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what to sit around for years until Stafford retires? You do not set Tua behind our o-line !
have you seen the way Matt has got hammered and injured dang near every season or every other???
Tua already comes with sizable medical history regardless if he throws like Brees. Tua is going to get reinjured behind OUR line and there’s no question about that, the question is in which way will he be injured? Stafford is going nowhere soon-as in he’s not going to instantly hang it up. That means we have our starting QB for the next 2 season’s at least.

Your talking a backup then hell yes a considerable talent must be had. but we are not burning a high draft pick on a starting QB.

By week 6 Tua would be the starter.
Replacing a middle of the pack starting QB with a future All Pro. Easy decision
Eleven years and he hasn’t won a playoff game or division title. Make up every excuse you want, but facts are facts.

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Speaking of facts you have no idea that Tua will be a future all pro!

I may as well say he’s gonna be a future bust no matter where he plays?

:joy: Pass the Blunt


That’s ridiculous. Stafford is not some old bag who is in the twilight of his career or some middle of the road starter. If Tua is drafted by the Lions, he’s going to be red shirted next year.

With that said, he certainly is intriguing and he’s the one pick outside of Young falling that would generate some real excitement with this fanbase but it’s not happening so all this Tua talk is moot. They aren’t trading down and they aren’t going with any surprise picks. It’ll be Okudah at 3, outside shot at Brown being the pick. The “safe” play.

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This is a horrible take but if they do think Tua will be a star then they should absolutely take him. Stafford would be very tradeable in a year and it’s not like his prime years are ahead of him. Newsflash: It doesn’t matter how good Tua is if the organization surrounds him with shit. You realize even if Tua is a star and nothing about this org changes, you’ll be saying the same thing about him in ten years?


I’ve been keeping it to myself but if our Dr.’s are sold on his medicals and we’re stuck at three I think Tua does make quite a bit of sense.

I’d be shocked if BQ were to go that way though. Self preservation is a heck of a motivator.

No thanks …You know that great feeling you get when you break something (decorative plate, a remote , a vase ) and you glue it back together perfect! I mean perfect, so no visible clue anything ever broke ?..
Only to have that shit fail shortly after the simple bump or even on it’s own …I would not touch TUA in the first round .

Tua is broken . :cry:

Tua is fixed :smiley:
Tua is damaged goods & will always be a huge worry & question mark even if he returns to 95% of himself that is always going to be a concern and worry, which play , which hit ends him ? :exploding_head:

Honestly though, with all due respect, who gives a shit? Quinn has been drafting scared his entire tenure. The Lions shouldn’t roll the dice because THEY HAVE SO MUCH TO LOSE! If it fails it fails. This franchise needs to start taking some chances, because why not? You can’t fall very far from the bottom.

PS: Vases are inanimate objects that don’t heal.

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Neither do hips with plates and a device that is permanently implanted in it to reduce rotation…

For one in my opinion Tua is not the QB I take even if healthy, Tua to me is lacking , a lefty , shorter then ideal , no cannon arm , constantly hurt and had the best weapons and best Coach in the game he is over hyped…
Tua to me can do more with less then Burrow will be able to , but Burrow could do more with more then Tua will be able to … To me Herbert has an even floor with both but a much higher ceiling …Herbert when said and done will be the best QB in this draft …IMO

He’s not healthy and even if he had never had the hip trauma he wont stay healthy in the NFL …He was hurt and injured often , constantly had a hard time getting up …his game and style is going to lead to beatings and that was a healthy Tua , add the hip and forget about it he could not get away from defenders and avoid being injured in College ,how will he do it in the NFL ?


I think there is a ZERO percent chance of the Lions drafting Tua.

This GM/Coach have to realize they need to win now, not 2-3 years down the road. Tua may not even play in 2020.

Fun vid.

Dilfer compared Tua to A Rod/Wilson.

I totally agree. Wouldn’t put the percentages at zero but I don’t think BQ/MP can afford to go the Tua route.

Shakespeare said it best:

MACBETH: If we should fail?

But screw your courage to the sticking-place,

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Haha! No doubt.

Stafford is a construction barrel. He is a statue. He has always been bad at stepping up in the pocket and moving around the pocket. That is a strength of Tua’s. You don’t not draft the best available player, because another part of your team isn’t great. Makes no sense.

Also, if Stafford get’s hammered and injured like you said, why wouldn’t you want another legit QB on the team? (no offense to Chase Daniel, but come on). Stafford is not the future. He is the past and short term present. It’s time to move on, especially if an opportunity like Tua presents itself. If he is gone at #2 then I am more than happy taking Young and going QB next year.

I disagree he steps in the pocket all the time unless it’s collapsed and that is quite frequent, but he’s attempted to try and step up into the pocket several times but THEN it collapsed to, making him either plant his feet and throw or take off and run if/when it was possible. each and every season Stafford eludes, moves, runs, for no fewer than 20 times , last season to the tune of 66 yards (keeping in mind he didn’t play a full season.) but he moves for 66 to 200 yards a season.
he rushed 37 times for 207 yards in 2016…20 times for 66 yards in 2019 (8 games). so he’s not some immoveable tackling dummy.

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