Tua with a 13 on the Wonderlic!

Same score as Lamar Jackson… draft him!! Lol

That’s seriously low, but the wonderlick is probably the most useless thing in the world, other than Joe Buck.

wow, good find, that is interesting. I am not one to pay attention to the wonderlic, but that score should be in the 20’s…that it’s 13 , not a good sign for Tua.

Yours may be lower than theirs… Wonderlic.


Oh wow. 13!?!? Yikes.

Hurts with an 18.
Nate Stanley was the tops with a 40.
Burrow 34
Love 27
Herbert with 25
Eason 23

Past low scores include McNabb with 14
Jim Kelly and Marino with 15
As mentioned L. Jackson with 13

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This is concerning… although the tape shows he processes things very quickly. Lamar can barely speak English, and is laughably inaccurate. I don’t see that with Tua.


Vince Young scored a 6
Jeff George 10
Neil O’Donnel 13
Kordell Stewert 14
Terry Bradshaw 15
Steve McNair 15
Randall Cunningham 15

Some more familiar names and a lot of pretty good QBs on this list.

I’m not looking for a brain surgeon. This test obviously means jack shit, but it’s still interesting.


13 is not great for a QB.

Yikes. Doesn’t mean he can’t make it, but damn.

Just another reason to pass on Tua! Luv it!

It’s not a feather in the cap by any means, but I don’t think it means a lot. It’s football. A game full of meat heads. Instincts, work ethic and god given talent mean a hell of a lot more than book smarts.

So you would have passed on Marino, Kelly, McNabb, L. Jackson and Bradshaw when they were in the draft? Based on some stupid test score and ignored actual football stuff? That’s cool. You take the nerds, I’ll take the athletes.

I kind of wonder how many guys straight up botch these tests in order to NOT get drafted by garbage teams like the Skins and the Lions and fall down a few spots to a team that actually has a chance of winning something in the next few years.

For shits and giggles, tried to find a test online. Love to take it, but can’t be found other than samples. Is one out there?

That’s odd because Tua has always come across as a very intelligent young man but then again, these tests don’t really mean much.

I do wonder how much weight NFL teams put on these results. It must be considered at some level, or the NFL could simply do away with it.

Does it carry more weight then simply a deciding factor between two identically rated players?

And you spelled Wonderlic wrong twice. :roll_eyes:


Great athletes don’t need to be…

a) particularly bright
b) role models

Great athletes can often be…

a) some of the dumbest people you’ll ever meet
b) terrible human beings

All I care about is that whoever is playing QB for the Lions gets the ball in the endzone and finds ways to land W’s on a regular basis.

Well done, sir.

Lamar speaks English well enough to say “MVP.”


Correct. The “Wonderlick” is what my cat does while sitting on the top of my couch.