Tua's fracture has healed

Ian Rapoport

The three-month CT scan for #Bama QB and coveted draft prospect Tua Tagovailoa was as positive as possible, sources say. The fracture has healed. The hip and its range of motion is good. It’ll likely be another month before he’s cleared for football activities, tho, as expected.


Excellent news, exactly what we wanted to hear. I’m actually surprised that he’ll be cleared for football activities so soon, just in time for the combine.

Ultimately, I don’t expect any trade to happen because trades this high up in the draft are hard to execute but this news was essential for a trade to be even remotely possible.

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Yep … now there are two premier QB’s in this draft that are clearly worthy of trading up for.

Fingers crossed that the good news keeps coming.



@NewYorkLion isn’t going to believe this for one second.


ny lion–whats your home town–i am from argyle–i know–where the hell is argyle----LOL

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Yummy news indeed!

Herbert could even be a top 5 pick by the time the draft gets here. He has a good chance of raising his draft stock a lot between now and then.

Utter complete nonsense… you are correct . Any early signs of AVN ? No mention of that is puzzling and his fracture healing has zero to do with AVN …That’s what teams want to know

The three-month CT scan for #Bama QB and coveted draft prospect Tua Tagovailoa was as positive as possible, sources say….(As in, we know nothing more now then we did after his surgery.) The fracture has healed…( Of course it did . Fractures heal , when you have surgery and they take two bones or several pieces of bones and connect them with a titanium plate and screws about 3 months later the fractures heal , standard stuff) The hip and its range of motion is good…( This is great news !!! Except it means nothing whatsoever . Range of motion is good as in what it was ? Nope …Impossible he has a device permanently implanted in his hip to limit it’s rotation. Range of motion that rivals the avg Joe or the range of motion of a German Shepard with bad hips ? Nonsense) It’ll likely be another month before he’s cleared… (Combine is in like two weeks how is this in time for the combine? He is not doing anything at the combine ) Cleared for football activities, tho, as expected….( Cleared as in you are free to start working out and resuming what ever it is you do. Football as an elite athlete ? his arm …sure …his mobility and athleticism I doubt it . You are free and clear to try …I wish the best for the kid and hope none of the issues that can pop up now and for the future do not . …nothing said here changes anything . He is a big mystery and what he will be post surgery wont be known before the draft and neither will it be known until he plays and no one knows what awaits a QB an NFL player that will be the first player to ever play the game with the injury and reconstruction …$35 Mill guaranteed to a guy that would be a question mark without injury like all players …add to it this injury , his recovery and playing being unprecedented …Would not touch him with a ten foot pole) .


Me either. Scares the hell out of me. The one way we could completely screw up this draft.


Why is it puzzling to you. It’s pretty clear.

They said the CT scan was as positive as possible. A CT scan is how they test for AVN if AVN were present he wouldn’t have checked out medically and his test wouldn’t have been as positive as possible. A negative test would mean AVN was present and his career over ala Bo Jackson.

His Doctors have repeatedly said they expect a full recovery. So far every test has shown things are healing properly and everything looks good.

Sure there’s always a chance with an injury like this that AVN could rear its head as much as a year down the road. But with today’s medicine the odds a far more unlikely than likely. Usually AVN shows up in the first 3 months or doesn’t.

I know you originally said his injury was career ending so you feel the need to dispute every doctor and every medical report that comes out. But come on man… your not a Dr and you look foolish disputing the professional doctors.

ok but he’s not competing in the combine is he? , so how can he be counted on all season long in the NFL? NO those injuries don’t usually reoccur, but how quickly do they reoccur , when your always getting hit, chased , and sacked…or tackled /slammed into the turf? The kid will be entering a more physical and demanding level of football UNLESS he’s behind the best o-line in the NFL . If not, DR’s words won’t mean a hell of a lot . Tua is going to feel the heat like never before.
I’m not wanting to see him get reinjured, but every man playing in the league knows all about Tua’s medical issues and he will be a target no matter who likes it.

Tuas hip and staffords back . Staffords homie glass fans need to be worried . Stafford was saying last year he was feeling good as ever when nobody asked , may be worried

Every player is at a risk for injury/re-injury. It’s part of the game. See Alex Smith/Teddy Bridgewater. I think Tua will learn to avoid taking big hits.

Please point me to any post where I indicated Tua’s injury was career ending? It may be, but I do not know that, nor would I claim to …I’ll wait , actually I wont wait as you will not be able to produce it as it does not exist. I do know no player has ever come back to play after Tua’s injury and reconstructing

The only person here dishing out wrong information is you, as you have repeatedly referred to Tua’s injury with Bo"s injury as if they were similar. You even went as far as to compare Tua’s injury to CJ Mosley’s which was not even as bad a Bo’s . Neither have ever been remotely similar to Tua’s injury . Not close, not a little similar , not at all . They all had hip injuries the similarities end with that .

The blind ignorance & acceptance to what is reported by media is incredible . Read between the lines .

More poor wrong disinformation by you here Air …A CT Scan is close to bottom of the barrel and a slight improvement with a regular X-Ray when it comes to looking for and diagnosing AVN …so stop. You have no clue what you are talking about. The CT was only used and taken now for the purpose of seeing if the plate and or plates and screws had accomplished mending the fractures. An MRI or SPECT is the only test that will reveal AVN this early into his recovery .

Not a single time has a doctor made any claim other than the generic “full recovery” statement that would be made for any person …Full recovery for a person who had the damage he suffered does not remotely involve being an NFL QB or the athlete he was …He will walk, it will work as a ball joint , he will have motion …That’s it …anything else is on the individual.

AVN can rear it’s head for a long time . At 6 months post injury a Spect or MRI should reveal if any signs are showing up, could be as long as 18 months , but not always and not when the patient is young and when handled correctly …and when handled correctly as I’m sure was the case with Tua any signs of AVN can be slowed down even further …(A negative impact, if you could call it that, not knowing quicker because handled correctly)

You did the same shit when the nonsense about him working out at the combine came out …Who was right ? Did you acknowledge it ? Nope …
You did the same shit with Ebron… pages and pages of you telling me that I had no clue , that Ebron would qualify for the comp pick formula and that I did not know how to decipher what I was reading via the CBA …Who was right ? Did you acknowledge it after 5 pages of telling me I was wrong ? Nope …

I look foolish? Foolish is the guy that reads a media post and spews false information and thinks more is there, then is.

Once again I have no clue as to what Tua will be or become , he may be great or a bum …
Limited by his injury ? Maybe , maybe not …The difference here is …I know this , I also know not a person on earth knows either , no doctor , no media person …no one will know until Tua shows it & proves it , no scan , no medical report will speak on what a post injury Tua will look like and be able to do as a QB post injury .
Also even if he comes back Elite showing no signs can he maintain it and not have re injury or have AVN show up regardless of how he performs early on …that will remain a mystery only time will tell.

The odds are against him , actually not really…his injury so bad and the steps needed to correct it, make it a truly unknown as far as being an elite NFL athlete post this type of injury …no odds …he will be the first .

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Yes they are , injuries happen …Alex Smith’s real, real bad …snapped both his tibia and fibula, suffered a compound fracture and the dreaded spiral fracture (It’s fucking gross) similar to Joe Theisman …Theisman never played again …Alex still has not .

Bridgewater dislocated his knee and tore every ligament but one , had to have total reconstruction and use a ham string tendon as well to shore things up on the lateral side …
Others suffered Bridgewaters injury and returned 1 in 4 come back from this .

Neither is remotely similar to Tua . The injuries to players you named above have zero relevance to Tua .

Some players have made come backs and had long careers. I’m not sure what the odds are in terms of Tua re-injuring the hip. I guess we will find out from the medical reports/combine/pro-day. His healed fracture is a good sign though… for us. :slight_smile: Hopefully, some team trades with the Lions and takes a chance on him.

Bo Jackson’s injury was almost 20 years ago. I think the medical/science technology would be more advanced by now. It’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

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Yep …Tua’s fracture healed …but really that was never in doubt , it means nothing . I hope you are right and a team trades up for him . I just hope it’s not a team to far down .

Bo Jackson’s injury to Tua’s is about as similar as getting shot and getting slapped upside the head.

Bo’s damage was done on the field, dislocated and popped back on it’s own (though he claims to have popped it back in himself) he limped off the field was misdiagnosed with a hip strain …it required no reduction (No re-setting), he had no fractures and no surgery…
Bo developed AVN that is the only comparison that can be made here and only can be a comparison if Tua develops AVN hope fully he won’t… If Tua develops AVN he is done, if he doesn’t , he still can have major arthritis issues .

I have posted several times here Tua would be unprecedented…if he made a successful return .
Really that is not the case…it is and it isn’t…for a QB it will be.

The only similar, but not exact injury that is comparable & after doing tons of research, is Dennis Pitta Ravens TE …but his story is a disaster for Tua .

Pitta suffered a similar injury, hip dislocation and fracture but not to the extent of Tua’s. It happened in training camp 2013 after coming down knee first on the turf .

They reduced it (re set it) & he had surgery 4 hours after he dislocated it, they removed a bone fragment …and he had a hairline fracture in the socket , this needed to heal up, but without reconstruction . He returned in week 14 of the same season to play the next 4 games .

Then in week 3 of the following season 2014 ( his 7th game played post injury) he dislocates and fractures the same hip …this time though it was a no contact injury , he caught a pass & turned up field and crumbled to the ground … He has surgery a second time for the same injury, but this time surgery that also included stabilizing the hip (Like Tua) with long term stability being the goal.

Tua also had another device implanted that restricts the rotation of the femur in the socket. If Pitta had this device implanted as well it is not known and the info not available to me . But Pitta said corrective measures (Plural) this time around .
What we do know… after Dennis Pitta’s 2nd hip dislocation and fracture and surgery his Doctor said he would make a full recovery & was confident of the long term stability of the hip …Pitta missed the rest of the 2014 season , he tried to comeback in 2015 & could not get cleared medically, with Doctors saying it was not safe to continue his career in football and was put on IR by the Ravens missing the entire 2015 season .
Pitta did get clearance in 2016 a full 2 years removed from the 2nd surgery and had a hell of a year & played 16 games …Only to go to camp in 2017 and dislocate his hip for a third time, again on a non contact drill . The ravens released him days later .


You may be 100% right. Let’s say the team orthopedic doctors agree and advise teams that Tua’s a big medical risk. With one less top QB in the mix, the price of trading up for a QB should go higher (one less in the supply chain, same demand).

Of course, what happens with the various veteran QBs could change everything.

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My experience with hip injuries in physical therapy settings is very few people get the original use back. They get practical use back. Now, I am sure Tags is getting the best medical help but I am almost certain his injury will shorten any career he might have and his abilities will be limited. To me, unless he becomes Scotty Bowman and a hall of fame coach, the return from his playing career will never meet expectations and that is a poor way to do business. So, I think it is good news/bad news.