Turkey day game = turkey--depressing duddd

That pretty much sums up our defense right there!

The defense is so lost right now that it is hard to blame on injuries. Linebackers are attacking the same hole. Lineman are out of position regularly.

And we get the extreme pleasure of listening to Joe Buck. Not one drop peeps, but TWO drops of pee in my panties I’m so excited!

Patricia has completely lost this team. Honestly, not sure if he ever had it. Sorry I’d rather have Caldwell right now and I can’t believe I’d ever think that.

Trubisky HOF off he just got to play us. Truly amazing how horse shit this defense… and slay

Blough blows the throw…lol

I take it this is the game thread?

Benched all my Lions for FF playoffs… Well except 88. No other options at TE.

Still without power here, almost 30 hrs. Wood stove going, heating up water to do dishes. Moved fridge freezer item into coolers. Melting snow for toilets…

Camp life would be great right now. Little bit of solar, spring fed Creek, outhouse.

Shoulda started Golladay.

Dang he made up for it quick, lol. Nice job rookie

Lol how?

Haha the Bears suck too!


We found our next QB!!!..Glory Alleluia !!!

Good news is, that was awesome. Bad news is, our defense has to go back on the field

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That was a nice throw too because Golladay didn’t have to slow down to catch it. Seems like that’s what usually happens with Stafford

Blough - pronounced like wow! :grinning:

Btw…happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Truly blessed …to have this forumand such great lions fans to share it with, even if we don’t always see things the same

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Hopefully that throw opens up the run game a bit. Gonna have to give Prince some safety help vs. Golladay, or put someone else on him.

What are Blough’s stats vs rest of league? Vs Bears?

As long as Jones and Golladay are in single coverage, I say lob it deep every time.

God Bless Darrell Bevell

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