Tyler Ervin / Jamal Agnew

After watching the Packers Vikings highlights, I would love to see Bevell use Agnew in the way the Packers use their ST returner, Tyler Ervin.

Ervin bounces around the league and was claimed off waivers by the Packers last year, mainly because teams couldn’t find a use for him outside of STs. The Packers are doing a great job maximizing his abilities with jet sweeps, misdirection run plays, and even the passing game. He’s a chain-mover on their offense. I would really like to see us employ Agnew in a similar manner.


He may have to move back to CB, at this rate (with injuries).

That said, I love the gadget style plays. Love how the Saints use the backup QB. I’d love to have someone like that on our team.

Agnew looked faster than he’s looked since the injury, yesterday. Hope it proves to be right. You can see how hard he’s worked to get himself “right” again.


Good point!

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I actually believe this to be the plan. Bevell likes gadget plays himself.


He used Percy Harvin great in this role if I’m not mistaken.