Ummmm WTF Odell

Ncaa doesn’t care

Much ado about nothing. Unless, they come back next year. Then its much ado about nothing…

OBJ better step up his game. Should have traded him for Henry when I had the chance in fantasy!

Back to the money exchange, it is kinda funny…

It was smart of OBJ to not rely on Baker Mayfield to pass the money out or it would’ve all ended up in the hands of Clemson players

The kids graduating or turning pro early will get to keep it. They aren’t student athletes anymore, so the NCAA can’t do jack about it. The kids coming back next season will have to give it back to maintain the purity that the NCAA pretends to care about whenever they aren’t rolling in piles of college football money.

Edited because it wouldn’t let me replace the s in student athletes with $.

OBJ, taking up the Knucklehead WR slot quite nicely from Irvin, Keyshaun, TO, Titus Young and Brandon Marshall


Yep. It’s all about OBJ, way to try and take the spotlight away from these kids and what they accomplished.
F-ing idiot!
I wouldn’t want OBJ on my team, no way, no how.


The worst part is he put these kids in a compromising situation. It’s hard for a kid to say no in that situation.

The NCAA will be all over this. Hopefully this doesn’t get a kid suspended or hurt the program. In my opinion this is all on OBJ. Unless the school put him up to it.

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