Unpopular take- offense cost us that game

Sure, the defense was bad, but they got stops when it counted. And Oakland’s offense played well.

My take is that we lost because of the two turnovers and Stafford’s poor play down the stretch. How many times did the announcers basically say “what was he thinking?” In the fourth quarter? He missed open receivers and made poor decisions. Add in the bad throw on the INT and this game is squarely on his shoulders.

Fight me.

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Stafford was most definitely not sharp in the 2nd half, but the numbers don’t lie.

1 team. ONE averages more than 31 points per game, that being the Patriots(31.25 ppg) Our defense gave up 31 points today. They are the reason we lost


Turnovers for sure. Stafford played fine. Forced that one to Golladay but otherwise okay.

His interception and the McKissic fumbles clearly made the difference. I think the loss was a total team effort. This squad is just so consistent with the self inflicted wounds. Left another 9-17 points on the field today. Just really hard to win in the NFL when you keep doing that.

I agree and disagree. Stafford cost us 6-14 points, but the defense was hot steamy shit. So hand in hand the whole team lost the game.

When did the defense make stops when it had to?!

We tied the game and the defense allowed the Raiders to go right down the field.

Just like against the Cardinals, Chiefs,Packers, Vikings and this week against the Raiders.


Please let me know which game you watched so I can go back and watch it…
It certainly wasn’t the Lions Raiders game from today…

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Coaching cost us the game.


Offensively, we stopped going to #19 and #13 in the 2nd half. They each had over 100 yards in like the first half. Why did we stop? I don’t know.

How many times do you hear ANYONE say “we held them to 31, that should get you a win”?
we scored 24 on the road vs a team averaging less than 20 a game, who hasn’t scored over 24 THE ENTIRE SEASON. I find no scenario in which the defense isn’t 99.9% of the reason we lost.


2nd half play calling was bizarre

The game sucked. We aren’t good enough for stafford to miss throws. The coaching seemed to be questionable.

Got a punt and a long (missed) fg attempt. Against a team with such an awful pass defense that should have been all we needed. Stafford’s int, McKissic’s fumble, and Stafford’s general lack of effectiveness in the 4th cost us the game.

Raiders O made a lot of really good plays. A lot of good contested catches and good runs against our depleted D line. It would be great if our D played better, sure, but had the offense not turned it over twice it would have been good enough.

well how many yards did the defense give up this game, I bet over 100 yards at least between 1st and 2nd quarters.

This thread is the equivalent of saying…

The offense went 3 and out on every single drive.
The defense stopped them on every single drive, except for 1 FG.

I think I’ll blame the defense for the loss. How dare they give up that 1 FG

Yes this loss was all on Stafford. 3TDs and 400 yards is just not enough. Also how dare he miss a fourth TD in the last play of the game after Patricia goes out of his way to remove Golladay and MJJ from the field? What game did you watch?

Your take is unpopular because it’s straight up wrong. This defense has been an absolute dumpster fire. I’ve been very critical of Stafford throughout his career, but come on man, when Iggy is saying Stafford has been top 7 in the league this year, you know you’re standing on an incredibly small and lonely island.


Not that it matters but that last throw that Stafford made was pretty amazing. Didn’t end up mattering but rolling to his left, sidearm, back foot and over the leaping pass rusher and still puts it where Thomas could make a play. Really wonder what happens there if it’s Golladay trying to high point it.


Hahahaha …Fight me. You have to make a legit argument first .

You base the entire pretend argument on Stafford should have been perfect and want to blame him . His 406 yards passing , 3 TD’s and 1 Interception and 110.4 QB Rating is partly to blame for the loss …Stafford should have not thrown that interception and instead should have been a TD pass so he could be 426 yards passing and 4TD’s with 0 INT’s and even then that gets us a tie …
Lets not put this on the Defense for allowing the most points the Raiders scored all year or the 174 rushing yards we allowed or that they were in the RedZone 5 times and scored a TD on 4 of those occasions .
The turnstile Defense gets a pass for the sake of your hot take and Stafford was the issue …oh and a fumble that happened during the first 3 min of the game…Got you…We need a QB that gets perfect QB ratings in order to have a 31 to 31 Tie at the end of regulation …Great take


Was at that game. The loss was a team effort. The lions failures start with Quin and Patricia. They are sub par wannabes with no evidence to show that they can build a winning team or coach one. None.

Stafford can win. He’s got the tools and has show. It to us 1000s of times. Of course he’s imperfect. We have no run game, no holes to run through and no capable TE. TJ Hock got another concussion. Pass blocking was pretty good.

Our defense applies no pressure, our LB are non existent. The Faders had 50 yards rushing in the first quarter. All we had to do was stop them in the 4th but nope, have a TD.


Stafford went 12 for 12 in the 2nd half.

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No team is more dependent on a player than the Lions with Stafford. Every week it’s basically comes down to him. And he’s playing pretty damn good this year…just not good enough to carry that pathetic excuse for a defense. Or that awful running game.