Unpressured QBs have killed the Lions

If you want to run a defense where you sit back, cover everything, don’t rush anybody and try to beat the other team’s offense that way, you better have edge rushers who consistently pressure the QB. Even if they’re not getting there, the QB can’t be allowed to sit there and pick you apart.

Everybody’s talking about the Lions’ D’s inability to stop the run, and that’s very justified. This season is going to go south fast if that’s not tightened up. And if the Lions don’t find ways to get to the QB, same thing.

If we’re so adept at man coverage, why not blitz more?

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Maybe the Lions can play with 11 DBs and cover the entire field since they can’t get to the QB.


It’s uncomfortable watching how much time opposing QBs have in every game. I’d say it’s by far the biggest weakness on the team. I can’t be sold on Flowers. So far he’s been a big disappointment. I feel like Ziggy got more pressure from the sideline than Flowers does in game.


All QBs do well when they have time

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Clearly this is our biggest issue as a team.
The pass rush is shockingly bad and it’s killing us.
I was watching from Phoenix today and I think I got closer to Cousins than our defense did :expressionless:


The one time we blitzed near the goalline 8 made a terrible throw under pressure. Weird.

They blitzed a lot today. Still didn’t matter. Vikings picked up nearly every one. It’s a coaching issue.

Isn’t there a “time to throw” stat, I wonder where we rank?

Come back Kerry Hyder, all is forgiven!


The Lions defense bit hard on those play action passes. Almost every single one of them and Minny ended up with big plays.

We need a natural pass rusher. Will a healthy and in shape Hand and Daniels be enough to start getting more pressure? We’ll see. Lions coaches probably think so.

I loved how Davis was blowing up the line at times but that dude misses on so many plays. He’s a legit liability in coverage and when he blitzes he might just run right past the QB.

One of our biggest needs this off season was a pass rusher. We ignored it in FA (Flowers may have been a nice player, but he wasn’t some elite pass rusher) and waited until the 4th round to draft help. That’s all on Quinn.

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Jamie Samuelsen asked the relevant question this morning on 97.1 The Ticket: “How do you take a defense that was coming on so strong at the end of last season, add pieces to it, and have it become so much worse?”


Yeah, when NE didn’t even want to negotiate with Flowers, that tells you how much they valued him as a player. They were more than happy with letting him walk and their defense is actually better. Quinn threw 90 million dollars away on him and our defense and pass rush is worse.

Yeah there is. I’ll look it up later. But during the game in the 3rd Quarter they posted that Cousins had almost 4 sec to throw where Stafford had a little over 2 seconds to throw. So the opposing team had nearly twice as long.

I specifically remember Cousins taking a little 3 step drop in the red zone and had a good 4 seconds. I think he threw to his 3rd read. We get absolutely no push out of our line.

Not looking forward to the Chicago game where it’s proclaimed that “Mitchell’s looking the most comfortable in this offense that he’s looked all year” again.

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Not sure it matters. When he went down last year, we made Chase Daniel look like Tom Brady.

I can only look at the average Time to Throw for each team. In our division.

Stafford is averaging 2.67 sec
Rogers is 2.93
Cousins is 3.02
C. Daniels is 2.66

In comparison:

Watson is 2.76
Wilson is 2.88
Prescott is 2.82
Mahomes is 2.78
Brady is 2.56

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We’ve let several good DE’s go because they didn’t fit “this” system.
I have to believe “this” is what they wanted. They’ve made no attempts to “fix” the obvious problems.